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Maneskin, Paris Match and the doubt about Damiano: “Cocaine live?”


Eurovision and the ‘case’ already denied by Damiano of the Maneskin – and it seems also from the full video of the scene – end up on Paris Match with an article entitled ‘Did the Italian winner take cocaine live?’. The French, who see the singer Barbara Pravi in ​​second place, speak of “images that are already making the rounds on social networks” and of the leader of the group who “apparently took cocaine in front of the cameras a few minutes before winning the Eurovision Song Contest “. Read also “The controversy is already swelling in Rotterdam”, write the French who continue: “Damiano David, the singer of the Italian group Måneskin waited … while taking cocaine at the corner of a table. On the images broadcast live and now circulating on social media – we read again -, the future winner can be clearly seen tilting his head and making a very significant movement without any substance being visible on the screen. The drummer of the Ethan Torchio group – underlines Paris Match – seems noticing the presence of the camera and nudging him. Too late to avoid the scandal. “Then the question:” Can he and his group be disqualified? ” And this, it is noted in the article, “would give the French Barbara Pravi the victory”. In any case, it continues, “discussions are underway in Rotterdam, according to our special correspondent. In a press conference, the singer of the group Måneskin obviously denied the facts, evoking a fallen glass” and “according to our journalist present on site in Rotterdam, the Italians agree with the tests to dispel any doubts “, concludes the article.



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