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To avoid being overtaken, Macron (here on September 2 in Marseille) is overplaying omnipresence for the start of the school year

POLICY – Government seminar or campaign workshop? Emmanuel Macron brings together its ministers and secretaries of state on Wednesday, September 8 to talk about short, medium and long term reform. Everyone, each in their corridors, worked on the priorities to be given to “Last 100 days” remaining before the start of the presidential campaign … and on the investment plan, baptized “France 2030 ″, wanted by the president.

It is the Head of State, himself, who will announce the contours of this new envelope of 30 billion euros, if not more, in the weeks to come. “In October”, according to his advisor Stéphane Séjourné in Sunday Newspaper.

The opportunity for the tenant of the Élysée to draw his vision of France for the coming decade, just after having sketched his school “of the future” in Marseille. Emmanuel Macron has chosen to occupy political, economic, international and media fields for the last start of his five-year term. Or to be active on all fronts.

Macron at the center of the game …

And we will have to get used to this omnipresence. After donning his influencer costume, in August, since his vacation at Fort Brégançon, to respond to fake news around the Covid, the President of the Republic donned that of a -almost- candidate, to make his comeback, over three days, in the Phocaean city. An exceptionally long duration for a presidential visit to France, during which he increased the number of crowds, speeches, meetings and pledged state aid to Marseille on many different topics, from safety education. A real displacement of president-candidate.

Back in Paris, Emmanuel Macron was to present and carry, this month, his government’s investment plan. It will be for later: dissatisfied with the first draft, according to several media, he rejected the announcements. Whatever, the Head of State will be able to develop another of his dear themes, or crucial for the spring of 2022, from next week, when the Beauvau of security is concluded. “Each sequence must be alive”, sums up a presidential adviser to the World about this busy start.

A sign that the offensive is working, the opposition is starting to get annoyed with this double hat. “Everyone understands that he is in an election campaign, we are all asked to pretend not to have seen him,” grumbled Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of the Insoumis at the arrival of Emmanuel Macron in Marseille, September 1.

… and posters

Critics shared, since, by figures of right or left … and swept by the majority. “If to act while being in contact with the French is to be in the countryside, then he has been in the countryside for four years! We have been too used to seeing politicians turn to the French only during electoral campaigns ”, replied Stéphane Séjourné, last Sunday, in the JDD, using the same language elements as those deployed by Gabriel Attal two days later, Tuesday, in the columns of the World.

“If you have to wait until you are in the countryside to go on the ground and initiate reforms, expect not to meet them much (the opponents, Editor’s note) if they take the reins of the country. (…) we would be sorely failing in our duties by not devoting ourselves to the issues of the country ”, opportunely argues the spokesperson for the government, for whom Emmanuel Macron is“ the only one who can embody the camp of the artisans of the conquest against that of the supporters of the withdrawal. ”

And for formalization? According to the minister’s answers, the Head of State could wait until the end of these famous “last 100 days” to get out of the woods, ie at the beginning of the year 2022.

In the meantime, Macronie is getting into working order. Behind the scenes, support is active, as evidenced by the poster campaign launched by the “Youth with Macron” or the leaflet that is about to distribute the militants of the presidential majority.

On the latter, unveiled by the press, no assessment, no flagship measures and even less proposals: just the image of Emmanuel Macron, with the mention “five more years for the French.”

Set the tempo

But why hurry? Whether officially launched or not, the President of the Republic sets the tempo of this return to school. From leaflets to tribune, from travel to speech, it saturates the media space and tries to impose its themes: security, recovery, youth. So many opportunities to preempt the debate, avoid being on the defensive vis-à-vis opposition and reduce the space of declared candidates.

To his opponents, “he gives the impression of saying: ‘while you tear yourselves apart, I do the job, I talk about security, I put resources on the table”, analyzes the director of the BVA institute, Adélaïde Zulfikarpasic , to AFP.

Enough to keep pole position? All the lights are green for Emmanuel Macron and his troops. The oppositions are divided, on the right as on the left and the President of the Republic, who prances in the head of the voting intentions, saw its popularity skyrocket to 33%, according to our YouGov barometer for this fall. This was not the case for his predecessors François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, far behind at the same time.

It remains to be seen what will be at the end of the “last 100 days” of 2021, while the executive has obviously not given up on some of its unpopular reforms, that of pensions in mind. This is when France will take over the presidency of the European Union. A dream opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to highlight his international stature and invest in European territory, this time. With how many caps?

See also on Le HuffPost: Mélenchon’s plea against “abstention, stupid trap”


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