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Afghanistan, Asylum Table: “Urgent to guarantee the right asylum to people on the run”


For the reception of Afghan refugees, “the EU, its member countries and Italy, which have a significant share of responsibility for what is happening, must implement initiatives that are equal to the tragedy that unfolds before our eyes”. This is what the Asylum and Immigration Table underlines in a document that collects proposals for the reception of Afghan refugees. “The evacuation process that involved a few thousand people and which will not be able to continue due to the closure of operations and the progressive deterioration of the situation, certainly cannot represent the only action taken by the governments of the European Union”, he says. the Asylum Table. “Up to now, almost all the refugees, refugees and displaced persons produced by the war in Afghanistan, have found welcome in neighboring countries (especially Pakistan and Iran, which have welcomed 90% of the 5 million Afghans who have been forced to leave the country) ; in the EU in the last ten years, fewer than 700,000 asylum requests have been submitted. Against this background, the conclusions of the EU Council of Interior Ministers, held on 31 August, appear unacceptable – continue the organizations that are part of the Asylum Table – last, which in fact exclude a commitment by Member States to welcome Afghan citizens on the run, offloading the burdens on neighboring countries and reaffirming the priority objective of protecting external borders from unauthorized entry “. “Instead, it is necessary to intervene through the implementation of a broad program of transfers / relocation of Afghan citizens to be implemented also by transit countries, through an initiative that guarantees the balance of efforts between the Member States, in implementation of Article 78 paragraph 3 of the TFEU and the principle of solidarity and fair sharing of responsibilities enshrined in art. 80 of the same TFEU. ‘Balkan area, cannot be considered safe countries with regard to access to the right of asylum and to ensure an adequate level of protection and any agreement aimed at carrying out the repatriation of Afghan citizens in these countries or in neighboring countries must be excluded. Afghanistan, as well as obviously in their country of origin “. “To allow a shared European solution, all existing instruments must be used, including the issue of humanitarian visas and the activation of Directive no. 55/2001 / EC, which can also be adopted by qualified majority, which is in force and which, although not has never been applied, it contains useful elements and indications for the current crisis “, adds the Asylum Table. “In particular, we ask Italy and the European Union: to urgently guarantee protection and humanitarian assistance to the 39 million Afghans remaining in the country through the support and financing of projects to protect the human rights of the population, contributing effectively and coordinated to the global humanitarian response “. Among the various proposals, in particular to Italy, the Asylum Table asks “that the competences relating to the issue of entry visas for Afghan citizens be transferred to the Italian consular representations in neighboring countries (together with the other consular services). particularly those for family reunification or in any case the issuance of humanitarian visas, guaranteeing quick and simplified procedures; that access to Italy is allowed for those people who have already received a permit for family reunification from the Italian authorities and have not been able to obtain the visa “.” That the re-entry of Afghan citizens holding an Italian residence permit who, for various reasons, are blocked in Afghanistan or neighboring countries through the rapid issue of re-entry visas is also facilitated; arrival and reception of university students through the issue of entry visas for study; that, i n pending the possible activation of Directive 55/2001, Afghan citizens are guaranteed immediate access to the procedure for the recognition of international protection and to a residence permit that guarantees them and, as far as possible, the family members currently in Afghanistan or in third countries an adequate protection “and also” that the public reception system be expanded.


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