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They fight against mosquitoes thanks to eco-friendly terminals and Made in France – South West


Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand are respectively economist and engineer. These two Arlésiens have developed an ecological and Made in France mosquito repellent terminal that goes around the world

Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand, grew up in Arles near the Camargue, a popular place for tourists but also mosquitoes. They then looked at a method to fight effectively, ecologically and quickly against these insects because the invasion of tiger mosquitoes spreads in France. This is not a simple annoyance but is also a vector of infectious diseases to be taken very seriously. The two Arlésiens have thus created a terminal specializing in the fight against mosquitoes.

An ecological solution

In 2014, Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand created Techno BAM (for “mosquito repellent terminal”) and two years later succeeded in developing a device that they called Qista, as reported by our colleagues from France Culture. The principle is as follows, simulate the human presence to trap the female mosquito and lock her in the terminal. Sucked into a trap, it cannot come out. The other insects are not impacted. The two business leaders experiment with their technology in the Parc Régional-de-Camargue in conjunction with the Tour du Valat Institute (Research Institute for the Conservation of Mediterranean Wetlands) and get good results. The number of bites drops by 88% within a radius of 30 to 60 meters. In one month, the terminal captures up to 7,800 mosquitoes per day.

Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand wanted to replace Bti, the most widely used bacterio-insecticides in Europe. Bti had been marketed forty years ago as a replacement for chemical insecticides. A step forward but which today, at a time of climate change, is no longer one. The two business leaders thus found the solution of this ecological terminal that they also wanted at the cutting edge of technology. They have created a Qista application which enables the terminals to be controlled remotely.

How it works ?

Three steps are necessary for the correct operation of the terminal. This diffuses recycled carbon dioxide which mimics human respiration which attracts the female mosquito. Then, an olfactory lure emanates from the terminal to simulate body odor, the female mosquito then approaches very close. Finally, the third step, the terminal sucks in the mosquito which remains stuck inside without being able to escape.

Operation of the Qista mosquito repellent terminal. website

A worldwide success

Quickly, many cities in France acquired this system: Toulon, Marseille, Toulouse but also Talence or Libourne. Qista is also exported abroad with installations in Côte d’Ivoire where a majority of tiger mosquitoes are captured. The terminals are present in Senegal and are trying to export to Asia and the United States.


Whether you are individuals or professionals, Qista adapts to all environments. Count a little over 1,000 euros for a normal terminal and more than 2,000 for an urban terminal. You will also need to add the consumables (refill pack, mosquito lure, gas filter, capture filter).


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