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He didn’t play twelve years for finding cocaine: An Italian footballer is back on the scene! – Š


Francesco Flachi Source: Profimedia

GENUA – Italian footballer Francesco Flachi will return to the game after a twelve-year distance for finding cocaine. He lost his promising career as a punishment, which he will play at the local level at the age of 46, at least at the local level in the five-league team Signa 1914.

Flachi experienced a controversy as early as 2006, when he was accused of influencing matches on the basis of telephone recordings from third parties and suspended him for two months: “I had nothing to do with it and I never accepted this punishment.” Even then, he was saddened by his success in Sampdoria Genoa, where he was captain and scored 110 goals, which puts him in the third position of the best gunners in the history of the club under Robert Mancini and Gianluca Vialli. He would expand his account, but on January 28, 2007, after meeting with Inter Milan, he tested positive for cocaine and was suspended for two years. “At this moment I lost everything. I was an idol in Genoa, I started the year with two goals and I was called to the national team,” mentioned a former Fiorentina striker for the BBC.

After the expiration of the distance, he got a chance in Serie B in the jerseys of Brescia and Empoli: “But I was mentally different, and I fell for it again.” In December 2009, he had another positive test for cocaine, and as a repeat sinner, this time he earned a sentence of twelve years, ending his peak career. After the ban expired, he would play for Signa 1914 in January, where he coached youth teams. He also trained the Bagno and Ripoli teams unofficially and led 50 children individually during the coronavirus pandemic.

Club president Andrea Ballerini spoke on his unexpected return. “I’m very happy because the deadline is approaching. It started as a joke, but then we started talking about it seriously. Andrea teased me, he said I was too old and I wouldn’t play anything anymore. I wasn’t on the regular court for twelve years, However, I am a football man and I live for emotions that I missed so much, he is preparing and his feelings are similar to when I was a “real” player, the attention and pressure are different, but some aspects of football life, such as the life of the cabin, are the same. I know I made a mistake and I paid for it, I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I can take on my role and help the local guys trust each other, I also want them to understand how beautiful football is. They must not lose what I threw away. ” added Flachi.

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