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Express change in Orange: Introduces free chat with line 905 via WhatsApp – Živé.sk


The operator brings a free way of communication with the customer line through the application.

The largest mobile operator, Orange, since August 25 introduced an extremely high fee EUR 1.5 for a connection to an assistant on line 905. So far, it has only been EUR 0.05 per minute of call.

After publishing our article on saturday, however, a wave of negative comments broke out from orange clients and O2 reacted yesterday. The competitor announcedthat reduces the cost of a call to an assistant by 70 percent – from one euro to 0.3 euros.

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Immediate operator response

Orange also reacted today. He announced for Živé.sk that he is adding a free chat with 905 employees via WhatsApp. The customer can thus avoid the high fee altogether – however, it will not be a call, but a chat with an Orange employee.

“A novelty is the possibility of communication via messages of the chat application WhatsApp, which is also a full-fledged contact digital channel. The WhatsApp account is available on the telephone number +421 905 905 905, it is enough if customers save it in their form in their mobile phone and can very easily and conveniently contact the Customer Line operators with their request in this way, “she told Živé.sk Orange Alexandra Piskunová.

Messages are sent over the Internet and you need to have the WhatsApp application. It is available for Android aj iOS.

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Orange: They still call us a little

At the same time, the company describes in its latest opinion that people rarely call the customer line – it is said to be an average of one phone call in 1.5 years. In essence, the team negates the original statement of the employees. They advocated a new charge by increasing the number of calls to 905, which should have made it more difficult to call and longer waiting times to connect with the operator.

“We charge the fee only after the customer connects with a specific employee of the Customer Service Department. A call with a vending machine, which can also solve several basic and most frequent customer requirements, is free of charge, “adds Piskunová.

Orange offers a connection via WhatsApp after the change.

Source: Orange

If you call the line regularly, Orange has it on offer care package without a commitment for 1.5 euros per month, then you will not pay for calls to 905.

But Orange allegedly wants to motivate clients to use other channels – it mentions the customer zone, My Orange, online chat on the web, Messenger on Facebook or the contact form.

“We want to motivate customers to use other interactive channels and to use the customer line for more complex problems. At the same time, we want to give priority to customers with a more complex problem on the customer line, due to which they will spend more time on the line, “she added.

Free telecom, 4 for 4 cents

See how competitors charge for infoline:

  • Telecom has the number 0800 123 456 available for clients. Calls, but also the connection with the operator are not charged. He can already handle simple requirements virtual assistant Olivia, without connection to the operator.
  • 4ka has a customer line of 950 and the call costs 0.04 euros per minute, the connection with the assistant is not specially charged.


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