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Kings of the second hand: These ‘tickets’ sold best in the summer –


The summer bestsellers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia were Octavia, in Poland Astra reigned. Interest in used cars broke records.

Photo: Ivan Majerský, Pravda

used car, used car, transport The sale of used cars in the summer significantly surpassed the strong “pre-fashion” year 2019.

The network of AAA Auto car centers set a new historical sales record in July and August, selling a total of 17,250 cars. This is 19 percent more than in the predecessor year of 2019. This is partly due to the shortage of cars associated with the semiconductor crisis, and partly to the constantly rising prices of new cars, which force many to look beyond those driven between the ages of two to three years.

The composition of the popularity of individual brands within the branches of the largest network of car centers in Central Europe has not changed much over the years. These are the Central European bestsellers:

The best-selling cars in the AAA Auto car center network in the summer of 2021:

The order Czech Republic Slovakia Poland
1. Škoda Octavia Škoda Octavia Opel Astra
2. Škoda Fabia Škoda Fabia Opel Insignia
3. VW Passat VW Passat VW Passat
4. Škoda Superb Kia Ceed Škoda Octavia
5. VW Golf Škoda Superb Škoda Fabia
6. Ford Focus VW Golf Ford Focus
7. Hyundai i30 Kia Sportage Renault Megane
8. Ford Mondeo Opel Astra Kia Sportage
9. VW Tiguan Hyundai i30 Renault Clio
10. Kia Ceed Suzuki Vitara Dacia Duster
Source: AAA

Approximately 23 percent of all cars sold are Škoda, which holds the first place in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where demand is at about one third, 11 percent is Volkswagen and 7 percent is Ford.

Opel has long been one of the most popular brands in Poland, but in general the demand for individual brands is much more varied than in Slovakia or the Czech Republic. Almost every tenth car sold in the AAA network was a Škoda Octavia, 7 percent was a Fabia and 4 percent a Volkswagen Passat.

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