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Microsoft wants a giant vacuum cleaner to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. Coca-Cola will then make lemonade from it –



Two giant companies want to work together to protect the environment. Microsoft will rid us of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while Coca Cola will use it in its drinks.

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Diary The Wall Street Journal brought information about a Swiss startup that developed a huge vacuum cleaner. It can capture large amounts of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. The extremely costly project proved its worth in practice, but encountered a problem with finances. Not every company can afford to operate something like this.

This is a very expensive project, which also requires a lot of electricity. However, some companies are large and wealthy enough to move through these challenges and spread the technology. For example, Microsoft or Audi. The two giants are willing to invest in a new technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

But what to do with such an unwanted “Waste”? CO2 can be used extensively, for example in the food industry for the production of carbonated beverages. The beverage giant could thus become one of the CO2 customers that Microsoft and Audi will release during their production. Coke. The global beverage market consumes more than ten million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

The carbon capture device works in principle in the same way as a vacuum cleaner in a normal household. On the one hand, it sucks in air from the atmosphere with the help of thirty fans. It then passes through a filter which traps carbon dioxide and then stores it in tanks. One such device can capture up to 1,500 tons of CO2.

For now to does not pay

Production a installation one fan in to this equipment stands up 220 thousand American dollars. Another very expensive item is a however, also electricity. In order to be able to use this device on a large scale, it is necessary to come up with a way to reduce the production and operating costs of the vacuum cleaner. Only in this way could smaller manufacturers or other well-known brands, which also produce high CO2 values, also afford them.

Manager CocaColy Patrick Wittweiler he admitted, that in beginnings had to to fight with various problems, such as the conversion of carbon dioxide into liquefied forms. Even today must to state, that use recycled CO2 is significant more expensive than his production.

if in the whole project manage to tighten to successful the end, is total possible, that until are u in of the future we open can with lemonade or a bottle so saturated with water, they will be inside her bubbles gas captured from atmosphere giant vacuum cleaners.


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