NewsWorldCovid, WHO: stable numbers, Delta variant in 174 countries

Covid, WHO: stable numbers, Delta variant in 174 countries


The global incidence of Covid-19 cases remained stable during the month, with over 4.4 million new cases reported in the 7 days between 30 August and 5 September. The World Health Organization (WHO) underlines this in its weekly report. The number of deaths globally also remained similar to the previous week, with just under 68,000 new deaths reported. In the monitored period, all regions recorded a decline (Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Mediterranean) or a similar trend (Europe and Western Pacific) in new cases, except the Americas region which reported a 19% increase over the to the previous 7 days. The incidence of new deaths has decreased in all regions, except the Americas and Europe where deaths have risen by 17% and 20% respectively. The total number of Covid-19 cases is now just over 220 million, while the deaths are over 4.5 million. Globally, cases of the Delta variant have been reported in 174 countries. This is underlined by the weekly report of the World Health Organization (WHO), relating to the week 30 August-5 September. Compared to the previous 7 days, there are 4 more countries where the Delta variant is present.


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