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LG has a solution to fix the flaws of folding smartphones – Frandroid


LG Chem, one of the divisions of the LG Group, presented several folding screen technologies. These correct the main criticisms that we can have, today, folding smartphones: visible folds, longevity or resistance.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip // Source: Daniel Romero on Unsplash

If you have had in your hands a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or one Galaxy z flip 3, you will certainly have noticed that we continue to see the screen folding when the screen is unfolded. Even if this is not a prohibitive point, the fold remains visible on this third generation of folding smartphone. These phones are also more fragile than a normal screen, during the first configuration, we advise you to be a little more careful ⚠️ than with a traditional smartphone.

A new material

LG Chem, one of the many divisions of the LG group, has developed a new foldable display technology called “Real Folding Window“. The Korean group assures that this material is as resistant as glass, while being as flexible as plastic.

LG has a solution to fix the flaws of folding smartphones

The new LG screen is also able to limit the creases that appear. It can also prevent cracking caused by prolonged use of the device. According to the Korean company, the screen remains intact even after exceeding 200,000 folds. For this, LG has developed its own material which is integrated under a thin plastic film of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), with the aim of improving the resistance and maintaining the properties of plastic materials, such as their flexibility for example.

Along with this announcement, LG confirmed that it is also developing a technology capable of providing a tough cover without the need for a PET film. It could be applied to a lot of folding screens.

LG plans to start mass production of these displays in 2022 and begin full-scale sales in 2023. They will also be able to be used for laptops and touch tablets. As a reminder, LG no longer sells smartphones, it remains nonetheless one of the largest suppliers of components for many manufacturers.


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