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Trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015: “divine” law in the face of human justice


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On the front page of the press, this Wednesday, September 8, the opening in Paris of the mega-trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

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The start this Wednesday of the mega-trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 made the front page of almost all French dailies.

Before going through these headlines of the day, I suggest that you first review those of November 14, 2015, published just hours after the attacks. The French press is in shock, stunned by the violence and scale of these attacks – the deadliest in Europe for 40 years, after the Madrid attacks of March 11, 2004. On this day, the horror premieres page and several dailies, including The Parisian and Le Figaro even speak of a “war” in the middle of Paris. 130 dead, hundreds injured. The shock wave is immense, and crosses borders. And these are the same words that we find on the front page of the foreign press, from New York to Madrid: “massacre”, “terror”. “Again Paris”, writes the Flemish daily By Standaard, with a photo of the Carillon, rue de Charonne, one of these cafes targeted by the jihadists. Paris, already hit that year by Islamist terrorism, with the January 7 attacks against the editorial staff of Charlie hebdo and the Hyper Cacher.

By its duration – more than eight months – and the number of civil parties – 1,800 -, the trial is presented as “historic”. Six years after the attacks, it is now time for justice – even if the organizers of the attacks will not be in the box where only 14 of the 20 defendants will be present, of which at least 4 may have died , relieves 20 minutes. The hearings which begin Wednesday are the culmination of six years of investigation, a sprawling investigation, which goes back to the heart of the Islamic State group, recalls The cross. The newspaper sees in this trial, “in what it shows respect due to the victims as well as the rights of the accused”, “a response in itself to the totalitarian ideology” of the jihadist organization.

A trial “to face”. “But how do you find the words to tell the horror?” Will this trial make it possible to “loosen the word”, to “comfort the survivors and assist the relatives of the victims”? Questions from Release, who hopes, despite everything, to see justice prevail against “barbarism”. Justice to “mend the living” – a title borrowed from a novel by Maylis de Kerangal. A photo of the immense sorrow in the aftermath of the attacks. “Justice, all justice, nothing but justice: this is what we are waiting for” – Humanity recalls that “the imperious duty of justice is the complete opposite of hatred “and warns against any attempt to political instrumentalization of this trial, in this year of the presidential campaign.

The only member of the November 13th commandos still alive, Salah Abdeslam will appear alongside 13 suspected accomplices. This Frenchman, born in Brussels into a Moroccan family, is presented by The Parisian as “the main protagonist of this process”. A man whose course would be proof of a form of blindness, according to the newspaper. “As if, for years, we had wanted to believe that Daesh would suck up part of the Western youth for the sole purpose of populating its caliphate. Without imagining that it would one day come back to regulate its own demons on our soil.” For Le Figaro, which devotes its front page to real estate and to the boom “of medium-sized towns, the mass is said: this trial, whatever happens, will not be enough to” settle the legacy of these days when barbarism took precedence on civilization “, because the threat “has not disappeared” and “feeds every day on our small and large renouncements” in the face of “Islamist obscurantism”.

In Belgium, where certain perpetrators of the Paris attacks will also be tried for the double attack of March 2016 in Brussels, the hearings will obviously be followed very closely. “To horror, French justice will have to respond by setting an example. Whatever its magnitude, the trial should not fall into excess or overbidding. Because it is not an exceptional trial, but an irreproachable ordinary trial which will honor a nation whose values ​​have never wavered for nearly a decade of Islamist terrorism “, writes The evening. Apply ordinary justice in the face of men who believe that true justice is not of this world – what if the real challenge was there?

To see to end with Chappatte’s drawing, for the Swiss daily The weather. “Only Allah is my judge”, proclaims an accused. “Yes, good, for the moment, you are in first instance”, recalls the judge. The “divine” right in the face of human justice.

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