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WC Qualification 2022: Slovakia – Cyprus 2: 0. Individual ratings – Š


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In the first half, we yawned at football misery. After the change of sides, the Slovaks increased their pace and caught with Schranz’s goal. Cyprus defeated 2: 0 in the qualification for the World Championship 2022 also thanks to a beautiful shot by Koscelník. We evaluate the individual performances of the embarrassing performance.

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Marek Rodak – 5

A good sign of the team’s defensive work is the fact that the goalkeeper almost didn’t touch the ball with his hands. Cyprus did not shoot at the goal, the native did not have to deal with the unpleasant center. He did not complicate the pass with his feet, the guests did not attack him high. After changing sides, he had a harder job, as there was practically no grass in front of one of the gates. Except for one small imperfection, he managed everything without any problems, the opponent did not check him.

Martin Koscelník – 8

In matches, when the extreme defenders have more offensive duties, Pekarík is already a more interesting alternative than the defensively reliable. He combined with Schranz and enjoyed pushing more from the wing to the tip. Koscelník went around the opponent several times and centered the address. When the Slovaks attacked from the left, he often closed the right side at the age of sixteen and ended his head outside before a luxury goal. He played with gusto, leaving no room in front of him. In the end, he prevented the contact goal in front of Rodák.

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Lubomir Satka – 5

After tens of seconds, he smeared the opponent’s counterattack with an inaccurate pass in half. Apart from one positional error in the second act, he did not cause any other significant ones. They didn’t have many robots with Škriniar, the offensive players of the guests defended themselves due to inaccuracies and insufficient support of the second wave. At the end of the first half, he should have scored from the five after the standard of Hamšík, although he noticed the ball at the last minute.

Milan Skriniar – 6

It was he who put out the Scarf after the mistake in the opening seconds. Cyprus has not otherwise checked its defensive qualities either. This few robots solved without problems, confirmed the great reading of the game. In the play, he was more proactive than the tracker colleague. Especially in the first half, it was not easy with insufficient supply, but there was no effort to export the ball. In the second half, he finished after the standard of Hamšík as well as Scarf outside the space of three poles.

David Hancko – 7

He showed what Slovakia has lacked in recent years. And with all due respect to the services of Hubočan, who plays in the national team to the left across the leg. Hancko is a left-footed tracker, but he also has offensive tastes. In the beginning, he lagged behind Koscelník in support of the attack, but gradually and especially after the change of sides, he may have surpassed him. Without unnecessary speculation, he put the center into the penalty area, Schranz scored the winning goal one by one. Like Koscelník, he sometimes closed his party at the age of sixteen.

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Stanislav Lobotka – 7

He stopped many Cypriot hints, the offensive was not as pronounced as in the previous two duels. Kuck fell out of the constructive central triangle, replaced by Duda with other tasks. In addition, the pace did not increase until the second half, from which he played only eight minutes due to a muscle injury. The offer, rhythm and even the game concept were not in the introductory act such that the advantages of Lobotka stand out. The injury is perhaps not serious and will not fall from the pace at which it hopefully got.

Marek Hamsik – 6

He was physically devoured in places by an inflated program, but he still has many times more influence on the game than Duda or, for various reasons, the stagnant Bénes. Hamšík gives the game an idea and speeds it up when he has players around him with adequate bidding and launching activity. It was not quite true against Cyprus, especially in the first half, he distributed the most dangerous passes from the standards. In addition, he opened a goal action with the ending Schranza and was the architect of several indications. The Cypriots fired his shots from a medium distance.

Ivan Schranz – 6.5

Especially in the first half, he paid extra for start-up automatics, he did not offer to combine and they were disconnected from Boženík. He played easily near the goal. Ten minutes after the change of sides, he opened the score with a demanding ending with a volley punch. Even more beautiful was the later relaxation in a small space in front of the sixteen and the shot right next to it. He also checked the goalkeeper with an end from an angle. A large portion of mileage is a matter of course at Schranz.

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Ondrej Duda – 4

They talk about him as a follower of Hamšík, but in December he celebrates his 27th birthday, he enters his best years. He has not yet grown into Hamšík’s football boots, and if he does not take on more responsibility and will not have a greater influence on the game, he will not grow into them either. He sent several centers from the sides to the right areas, but on the axis he chose complicated solutions, lost balls and was indistinct. Of course, the offer of attacking players was not optimal and the opponent defeated the middle, but Lobotka from the position of defensive midfielder cannot have more individual penetrations than Duda in the first half against Cyprus for the whole match.

Vladimir Weiss – 3

Given the recent health or fitness problems of Weiss and Lobotka, it was naive to think that I could handle three matches in six days in the starting lineup. Lobotka completed a full minute before the injury, Weiss played 63 and 78 minutes. Slovan’s wingman wanted to play with freedom on a large area, but he was worried. He had a few positive moments, but cheap losses and inaccurate passes outweighed them. It needs to simplify the game. He looked frustrated, and after an hour he apparently stretched his back thigh muscle.

Róbert Boženík – 3

In the September matches, he indicated that he could be redeemed for the critical post of center striker. But definitely not with current gaming practice. In the first half, the wrestling match stopped in half, he opened the action and was also at the end of it, when he did not reach the shot center Dudu. Slovakia needs such a Goddess. However, when the team shoots 24 times, the two attempts are a weak business card for the only attacker in the team. There will be more fights for himself and his teammates and the ending. He often lacks details of the right solutions. These come automatically when he plays and scores goals at the club.

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Erik Jirka – 6

He brought the wind. In some places he wanted too much, as when he kicked the ball behind the goal line in the opening action after being pushed out of Hamšík. In half an hour he had the same number of shots as Boženík. Once he stretched out the goalkeeper with a ground shot, after Hanck’s return pass in a good position he did not hit the ball perfectly and aimed outside. He played much easier, he was the opposite of Weiss. From the left wing, he sent a promising center to five for Sagittarius, but he did not confirm the instinct belonging to his surname.

Patrik Hrosovsky – 5

Surprisingly, he took precedence over Hromad, and shortly after the change of sides, he replaced Lobotka. “Six” replaced “six”, but the style is diametrically different players. Hrošovský worked as a diet version of Lobotka. In simple combinations, he did not miss or defeat on the defensive for a short time, but did not offer a superstructure during the start or export. After his arrival, Slovakia played more on the wings.

David Strelec and Tomáš Suslov – no ratings

Both started only in the 79th minute.

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