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CONFLICT Mira Žbirka with the railways: Public shootout on his profile… THIS is supposed to be an excuse ?! – Topky


Miro Žbirka has lived with our western neighbors for a long time. However, he is still active in Slovakia. Even a few days ago he was supposed to have a concert in Liptovský Mikuláš and he chose a train to transport. Hanging on such a long route shortly after midnight, it is more pleasant to use the services of the railways, where instead of driving, he can sleep at least for a while.

So far, the singer has been satisfied with such transport … But after his last experience, he has a very difficult heart on the railways. He wanted to get off at his destination station, but instead he got off at Štrba, almost 30 minutes away. “The feeling when you go to Liptovský Mikuláš to play a concert and Express blocks your door and takes you to Štrba,” Miro informed his fans.

And then he published a photo from Štrba as evidence. “Thank you Express for the” great “service,” Žbirka wrote with irony. And his criticism did not go unanswered. The shipping company noticed his public complaint and responded. But although it seemed an excuse at first, in the end he was more or less told that everything on the train was working as it should. The singers immediately started thinking that the singer had no reason to invent it.

“Hello, Miro, we are sorry that we have complicated your journey. We checked the situation with the dmes – all the doors in this train are functional and the driver unblocked them upon arrival at the station. If you wish to check the situation further, please write to us by e-mail. We hope that despite this inconvenience, you have reached your destination safely. “ the railway reaction sounded.

Žbirka reacted again, whose response shocked her. “I don’t know if I can consider this an excuse, I devote time to the songs to check, even though there are two other witnesses to the futile fight with the door in the Premium carriage. It wasn’t even okay on the part of the staff, who convinced me that it was 10 minutes to Štrba (actually 30), so it doesn’t matter, ” added the singer, who will probably think well about whether he will take the train to the concert in the future.

Source: Facebook M.Ž.

CONFLICT Mira Žbirka so

Source: Facebook M.Ž.


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