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Mikas’s office issued RECOMMENDATIONS: Continuous control is important! You must also have a veil outside –


From the category of “fully vaccinated” to the category of OTP, the organizers of masses and events connected with the visit of Pope Francis just a few days before his arrival. The reason is probably the low participation. There are far fewer people attending the events than expected, and many will go to Hungary to see the Pope for initial measures.

The conditions for visiting the Pope are changing: The doctor warns! If the state succumbs to pressure, it will make an irreversible mistake

VIDEO The conditions for participation in events during the Pope’s visit are changing, the entry will work in OTP mode

It is important to ensure that measures are monitored

Experts warn that such events with thousands of people are very risky in the current epidemiological situation, where we record an increase in the number of positive cases. The Public Health Office, headed by Ján Mikas, therefore issued recommendations for the organizers as well as the participants. “The regional public health authorities are currently carrying out state health supervision at the places visited by Pope Francis.” stated the chief hygienist Ján Mikas.

Source: ÚVZ SR

Recommendations for organizers

The most important step is to ensure consistent and continuous monitoring of compliance with the measures. “Allocate sufficient personnel to continuously monitor spacing and cover the upper airways. Only one regimen (vaccination, OTP or base) can be used per mass event.” points out Mikas.

Pope Francis

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino

“If you organize several mass events with different regimes at the same time, make sure that they are strictly separated so that the participants are not mixed. This applies not only to the event itself, but also to the arrival and departure. Ensure separate entrances as far apart as possible.” said the chief hygienist.

It is also important to comply with the capacity limit for the mode according to the current COVID of the controller. “For OTP in the orange districts, the limit of 50% capacity for the exterior, if it cannot be determined, is a maximum of 1000 persons outdoors. For OTP in the red districts, the limit for exterior events is 25% capacity, if it cannot be determined, a maximum of 150 persons reminded Mikas.

Other recommendations:

– Disinfect visitors’ hands before entering the event.
– each sector must have its own infrastructure: sanitary facilities, snack shops, stalls and the like; the organizers and staff must also remain in the sector and not switch from one to the other,
– all persons taking part in a mass event must have their upper airways covered with a drape or respirator, including outdoors,
– if an event takes place in the district in the 1st level of danger (red), the organizer must have a list of participants with telephone or e-mail contact; after 14 days from the event he is obliged to destroy it.

Recommendations for the public

if before the event you experience symptoms of respiratory disease, do not attend mass events and do not travel anywhere. Stay at home and call your doctor for further instructions. “For transport, use, if possible, individual transport, ie cars, in the case of the city, prefer bicycles or walking.” recommends Mikas.

“Wear a properly fitted drape or respirator on public transportation. If possible, avoid sitting with strangers. Unless necessary, we recommend that you do not consume food and drink on public transportation.” stated Mikas, stating that ÚVZ SR recommends restricting movement to the venue and back. “Don’t take this opportunity to visit relatives, sit or shop,” stated.

Other recommendations:

– restrict movement to the venue and back.
– keep your distance from other people, avoid crowds of pushing people. Also try to avoid mixing groups of people from different places. Do not shake hands, hug or kiss when you meet acquaintances,
– carry hand sanitizer with you and use it whenever you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands with running water and soap, or if you do not have hand disinfectant stands nearby.

When finished, monitor your health

After the event, it is important to follow these precautions on the way home. “In the coming days, we recommend keeping contacts with other people to the bare minimum. If possible, use work from home.” said Mikas. “Monitor your health. If you experience symptoms of respiratory illness, stay home, call your doctor, and follow your chosen procedure.” he added.

Recommendations for the public during the event

– do not forget that at mass events it is obligatory to wear a properly worn veil or respirator also outdoors, this applies to the OTP regime as well as to vaccinated persons,
– at a mass event in the OTP mode, it is necessary to observe two-meter spacing between strangers, disinfect your hands when entering the premises,
– follow the organizers’ instructions and the necessary hygiene rules and warn them if you see a breach of anti-epidemic measures,
– make sure that the staff in the cafeterias and stalls have their upper airways properly covered and wear gloves; prefer packaged foods and beverages, especially water; in the case of meals prepared on site, heat-treated food is less risky,
– also pay attention to weather protection – if it is warm at the venue, do not forget the headgear and sunglasses; carry a bottle of water with you and remember to get enough fluids; in case of colder weather, dress appropriately and protect from rain.


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