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A trial has begun with Bašternák for a two million tax return –


The entrepreneur has already been sentenced to five years.

7. Sep 2021 at 9:55 TASR, SITA

BRATISLAVA. Bratislava District Court Today, the businessman Ladislav Bašternák was found guilty of a criminal offense of failure to take days and premiums.

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The article continues under the video ad

The court imposed a ban on his activity, for a period of seven years he cannot work in a statutory, supervisory body or as a procurator in a business company. However, the court waived the general penalty as well as the penalty of confiscation of property.

As the President of the Senate, Iveta Wilantová, stated, she considers the sentence imposed on the defendant in 2018 by the District Court of Bratislava II and confirmed by the Regional Court in Bratislava to be sufficient.

Judgment it is not yet valid, the prosecutor has filed an appeal in the case. “I consider the decision to be legal, I assume that my client is satisfied with the verdict,” the lawyer of the businessman Peter Filip told the media.

The businessman is currently serving a five-year sentence in prison.

Bašternák confessed

Bašternák admitted in court that he was guilty even in the case of an unjustified tax return for about two million euros, related to the purchase of apartments in the Bratislava apartment complex Five Star Residence. The court thus decided only on the amount of the sentence.

Bašternák confessed voluntarily in court and regretted the commission. The prosecution proposed to accept his confession.

“Only evidence will be taken to determine the type and amount of the sentence, not to prove guilt,” the court recalled. The taking of evidence was therefore terminated and the court allowed both parties to make concluding remarks.

Defendant’s lawyer Peter Filip emphasized that this was an act that happened eight years ago, he also pointed out the change in the behavior and life situation of his client. He therefore called on the court to waive the cumulative seven-year sentence proposed by the prosecutor’s office.

In addition to imprisonment, she also demanded a ban on activities or a penalty of confiscation of property.

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The deed happened

Bašternák has joined the ranks of people who testify to the criminal background of previous governments. This was stated by the chairman of the parliamentary group in his opinion OĽANO Michal Šipoš.

“The deed happened, Fico’s domestic confessed. At the same time, we remember well as the ex-minister of the interior and Bašternák’s business partner. Robert Kaliňák he talked about fabricated cases. Despite many problems, I believe that the onset of justice is unstoppable, as evidenced by the confession of a member of this ‘directional detachment’ gang, “Šipoš responded. Roberta Fica (Smer-SD) on the dismissal of the current Minister of the Interior Romana Mikulca (OĽANO) is therefore considered impudence.

The case of buying apartments in Five Star Residence

This is the first date of the hearing, Bašternák was shown in handcuffs. The Bratislava Regional Prosecutor’s Office indicted the entrepreneur at the end of September 2020, for the crime of reducing taxes and insurance premiums.

Police accused him again in April 2019, shortly after his final conviction.

The allegations concerned the purchase of apartments in the Five Star Residence apartment complex in Bratislava. He bought them for about 12 million euros, while the actual amount was reportedly lower. In 2012, the entrepreneur unjustifiably claimed VAT in the amount of approximately two million euros.

In the first criminal case of failure to pay taxes and insurance, Bašternák sentenced the Regional Court in Bratislava to an unconditional five-year prison sentence in March 2019.

The sentence is served in the institution with a minimum degree of guarding. At the same time, his property was confiscated in favor of the state.


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