• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid Germany, doctor vaccinates people for free on Ebay


May 5, 2021

A German doctor distributed free AstraZeneca anti-covid vaccines on the Ebay platform so as not to waste the doses he had left. “It would be madness to let this reliable and effective vaccine expire,” Peter Weitkamp, ​​a doctor and cardiologist from Kirchlengern, West Germany, told Dpa. The professional said he had between 80 and 90 doses left over and, for two days, he offered rounds of vaccination to people over the age of 60. Weitkamp criticized the fact that many German medical offices only receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, while the vaccine developed by Pfizer / Biontech is intended exclusively for vaccination centers, where, however, overcrowding is created. In his opinion, from a medical point of view it is wrong for the German Standing Commission for Vaccination (Stiko) to recommend Astrazeneca only to the over 60, there would be many younger people ready to do so.