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Single mother Veronika Nízlová will go from the maternity hospital to her parents –


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The two are also family and I think I will give the baby enough love, says Veronika Nízlová, who will be a single mother and keeps her father’s name a secret.

Although Veronika Nízlová (35) of Twiin gives birth in less than three months and wears a very large belly in front of her, she has energy to give away. Even in the higher stage of pregnancy, she appeared at an evening party, which took place on one of Bratislava’s ships on the banks of the Danube. There, in a gold-fitted dress, Veronica handed out smiles in all directions. Well, PLUS 7 DAYS, we managed to capture a brave little girl who hides the child’s father’s identity and does not plan to live together with him.

Maybe no one will believe me

The news that Veronika is seven months old and will become a mother for the first time surprised many. In addition to her activity on social networks, she was not proud of any partners in the public or. On the contrary, in December she divorced broker Tomáš Krúp, with whom they formed a married couple for five years. Since the couple was childless, the divorce was all the easier, the brunette even gave up his last name and is again Low. And when, during her July vacation in Turkey, she published the first shot of her posing with her pregnant belly, congratulations and a flood of curious comments appeared under the photo. Who is the happy father of the child.

Vebi, as the singer presents herself artistically, was clearly prepared for it and cooled the curious surroundings. “Although we are not together with the baby’s father, I will always be grateful for this gift. We agreed not to publish his name. I also respect his decision not to be a part of our lives. I wish him all the best. “ Veronika wrote on her Instagram, adding that she would not comment further on the topic of fatherhood. “In life, things simply have to be accepted as they are,” she specified to us personally. “I’m fine with being alone with the baby. Although many people may not believe me, but now I’m probably the happiest. I believe that my baby will also be satisfied and happy, because I and my surroundings will give him a lot of love. “

It will be with the parents

Veronica’s acquaintances are said to have given up the pickup with whom she became pregnant. “My friends and family no longer discuss the topic of father. They know I don’t want to be asked about it, and I’m glad they respect it. “ admits the singer. Parents, although the life of a single mother was not very “trendy” during their youth, responded positively from the beginning. “They are looking forward to it. After the birth, my baby and I will live with them in Hronský Beňadik. Ours can’t wait to see their grandchildren much more often than their granddaughter Linda, who is in Italy with my sister Daniela. I will also prepare a children’s room with my parents and everything else for the little ones. “

So far, Veronica’s sister, Daniel’s twin, is making it easier for Veronika to prepare for the birth. “I have a lot of things he used when Linda was little. So it’s really the bare minimum of what I have to buy. Now I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’ve been with Linda often and I’ve watched the whole system, so I think I can handle it nicely, “ she added with the belief that as smoothly as pregnancy takes place, she can handle the birth itself, which she would like to have in Levice.

The future mother knows the sex of the baby, but keeps it as a surprise. He only reveals it when he publishes the clip, which he is shooting in two weeks. She has not yet chosen a name and although she has a few favorites, she wants to decide only when the child notices. She gave herself only one condition to start with N, as well as her last name.

She takes care of her father

The singer is going through a rather difficult summer and she probably doesn’t understand where she gets so much energy from. “It’s really a mystery to me,” she thought. “Maybe it’s because the first trimester didn’t exhaust me the way everyone scared me. I was just tired, but I had almost no nausea. I’m fine, but of course I don’t want to say it, I should knock all around. Despite my pregnancy, my summer is very action-packed, a lot of poppies. “


Veronika claims that she is not like some moms who need to lay their feet on the couch and rest for half a day. On the contrary, she is not supposed to stop all day. “At home, we are remodeling several rooms, let’s catch it until the little ones are born. In a few days I will come to make a wardrobe and finally I will have a place to put all my things. So something at home is still being cleaned up, plus I run to the recording studio because I’m preparing a solo album. I just have one carousel and poor Dad was still operated on. For the second time, they changed his knee joint, so I also help him and take care of him. So let me tell you, I’m not bored at all. “ she concluded with a smile.

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