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G7, concern over Russia and China from London summit


Russia and China, but also a commitment to the climate and the fight against disinformation. These are some of the themes of the final communiqué of the London summit of the G7 foreign ministers. “We are deeply concerned that the negative trend of Russia’s irresponsible and destabilizing behavior continues”, reads the final statement. Russia’s “destabilizing behaviors”, G7 foreign ministers list, include “the large amassing of Russian military forces on the borders of Ukraine and in illegally annexed Crimea, malicious activities that aim to undermine the democratic systems of other countries , malicious computer activities and the use of disinformation “. The G7 foreign ministers express “full solidarity with all the partners affected by the actions against their interests and their security, linked to the Russian intelligence services, which will continue to be addressed with the most convinced resolve”. Furthermore, the ministers note “with regret the deterioration of Russia’s relations with Western countries and underline the importance of respecting the Vienna Convention for diplomatic relations as an essential foundation of diplomatic relations between states”. the G7 countries “encourage China, as a great power and economy with advanced technological capabilities, to participate constructively in the rules-based international system”. “In line with the obligations deriving from national and international laws, we ask China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms”, it continues. “We continue to be deeply concerned about the violations of human rights and abuses in Tibet and Xinjiang”, affirm the foreign ministers of the G7, who underline the abuses “against Uyghurs, members of other ethnic and religious minorities”. In addition, G7 ministers express concern over “the existence of a large network of ‘political re-education’ camps and reports of forced labor and forced sterilization systems”. All foreign and mercenary forces withdraw from Libya “Full compliance with the arms embargo and total withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries without further delays from Libya” still ask the G7 foreign ministers in the final communiqué, in which between the other ask the national unity government to “make the necessary preparations for the parliamentary and presidential elections of December 24 that are inclusive, transparent and credible”. And they ask “to respect human rights and to ensure the protection of migrants and refugees”. Democracy under pressure, commitment to strengthen values ​​The Preamble of the final communiqué of the summit of foreign ministers also reads that “democracy is under pressure on a global level; the pandemic continues to pose acute global challenges: new technological threats are growing; and the catastrophic effects of climate change are increasing. ” G7 countries “strive to strengthen open societies, shared values, and the rules-based international order.” And again: “We affirm our commitment to the rapid response mechanism as part of joint efforts to defend our systems. democrats and societies opened by hostile foreign activities “reads the final declaration, referring to the fight against disinformation and underlining common action to” oppose those who target our democratic institutions and processes, try to undermine public trust and integrity of our democracies and seeks to interfere in the information space “. In particular, reference is made to” vaccine disinformation “:” We will continue to develop a common approach to the issue to address foreign interference, safeguard our elections, respond disinformation and information manipulation and dialogue with social media platforms “, they say the G7 ministers. No nuclear weapons Iran, JCPOA remains best way to prevent it “We are committed to ensuring that Iran will never develop nuclear weapons. JCPOA remains the best means of ensuring the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program”, say foreign ministers of the G7, in which “they welcome substantive discussions between the participants in the nuclear agreement, and separately with the United States, to arrive at a reciprocal return to compliance with the agreement by the United States and Iran”. in Tehran to “avoid any further escalation”, the foreign ministers of the G7 affirm that “the latest Iranian actions are very worrying developments and cause for deep concern”. On climate renewed commitment in view of the COP26 in Glasgow Finally, we read, “we note with grave concern the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable communities”. The G7 foreign ministers reiterated their commitment to “continue increasing financial contributions to adaptation” to climate change. In particular, the collective commitment of developed countries to “mobilize together 100 billion a year until 2025” is reaffirmed. “We welcome the commitments already made by some G7 countries to increase financial contributions for this action and we await new commitments before the COP26 in Glasgow”, affirm the G7 ministers referring to the conference that will take place in November with the British and Italian presidencies.

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