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Baťo on the stage again, now it HAS DRAWN Viskupič: Philosophical depth on the level of a sleepy panda! –


According to Baťa, you are a Bishop “he complained that he was” outdated, “because he could not be vaccinated. Then he gave the classic anti-Vaxir tirade that life is full of risks from morning to night and covid-19 is not the only malice in this world. And we should not split up . “

Gypsy’s sharp reaction to his party colleague Viskupič: It’s stupid, ruthless and irresponsible!

“Deportation, according to MP Viskupič, brings a more” complex “immunity than vaccination. He is said to have remained unvaccinated to watch life from the other side of the barricade of a divided society. Globsecu, “ Baťo continued.

According to him, the bishop can be forgiven for not understanding the concept of probability, risk or collective immunity. “We can also forgive him as a member of the party representing the religion of Excel spreadsheets, as a member of the party representing the religion of Excel spreadsheets.” he added.

FREE CHOICE, WE ASS SaS MP Viskupič had a coming-out. You complained that he was “outdated,” because he could not be vaccinated ….

Posted by Rado Baťo on Sunday, September 5, 2021

At the same time, he wished the coalition MP that history would remember him as a representative of it “the worst that his political generation has produced. As a politician (along with Pellegrini, Fico, Kollar, Matovic, and others) who tormented about free choice at a time when his fellow citizens were suffocating in the JIS.”

He concluded by adding that it is the duty of a public official in the current crisis to be vaccinated and to call on his or her supporters, and those who fail to do so are and will be personally responsible for the thousands of dead.

Radoslav Baťo caused a stir already in March, when as an official of the Ministry of Finance he criticized the head of the department, Igor Matovič, for his comments to the head of the department. WITHState Institute for Drug Control and at the same time his wife Zuzana Baťová. Baťo even filed a criminal complaint against Matovič, but the police eventually rejected him.

Source: TASR / Jakub Kotian

Desolate, blunt or irresponsible

The bishop informed about the fact that he was not vaccinated during the weekend and stated that he was reconciled with the fact that for many he became “desolate, blunt or irresponsible.” According to him, however, being unvaccinated carries a certain risk in the same way as being vaccinated.

He also pointed out, for example, that it is possible to go to surgery or travel with a test or to overcome an illness, but not to go to a certain type of event. For example, he himself cannot go to a meeting between the president and the pope at the Presidential Palace because he is not vaccinated. He could not take part in the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit either. “Either the testing is unreliable or the test is informative, and when I am negative, the risk of transmitting the disease with other measures is minimal. The same must apply to people who have overcome the disease.” claims.

He also stressed that vaccination must be a free decision of each person and that the decision not to be vaccinated must be respected. As time goes on, he even becomes clearer that vaccination is not a magic wand.

“The reality is once again more complicated and complex. Vaccination brings a significant benefit of easier course (especially in risk groups), non-vaccination (ie infestation) can bring more complex immunity (already recognized by professional forums abroad) and more protection against new virus mutations today and However, innate immunity is not taken into account in many events (including the Pope). “ said the saskar.

The bishop has already been criticized by his party colleague and head of the health committee Jana Bittó Cigániková, who told that this was his personal position, which is incomprehensible to her and at the same time is in absolute conflict with the party’s position. She also added that she considered it stupid, ruthless and irresponsible.


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