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Despite appearances, the Mi 11i does not benefit from the same photo equipment as the Mi 11. Its main 108 megapixel sensor, a little smaller, is associated with an optics opening at f / 1.75 (against f / 1.85 for Mi 11). Theoretically, therefore, this aperture compensates for the smaller size of its photosites. Xiaomi completes this wide-angle with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (f / 2.2 optical), compared to 13 Mpx for the Mi 11, and a 5-megapixel macro camera (f / 2.4).

The Mi 11i provides more or less the same performance as the Mi 11, with one detail: its pixel-binning combines 9 pixels in one, instead of 4 in one, Xiaomi having actually gone for a newer generation Samsung sensor. This results in final shots in 12 megapixels, lighter than the 27 megapixels of the Mi 11.

Big angle

If we compare them, by day the Mi 11i and Mi 11 deliver different results. It must be admitted that despite its lesser definition, the Mi 11 manages to offer a high level of detail, taking advantage of an accentuation of the contours. The smoothing is more discreet, however at the cost of less accurate colorimetry.

Xiaomi mi 11
Xiaomi Mi 11i (12 mpx)

The switch to 108 megapixels does not mean better restitution of details. On the other hand, we note that in the same exercise, the Mi 11 offered a little smoother and noisier shots.

Xiaomi Mi 11i (108 megapixels, 100% crop)
Xiaomi Mi 11i (12 megapixels, 100% crop)

At night, the quality degrades naturally, but no more than with the Mi 11. With the exception of a warmer overall shade, there is increased sharpness, especially in the title of the book.

Xiaomi mi 11
Xiaomi mi 11i

Ultra wide angle

When exercising the ultra wide-angle, the Mi 11i manages to ensure correct exposure. But its lower definition penalizes its ability to restore all the details of the image. There is also a slightly noisy rendering.

xiaomi mi 11 (15 mm eq, f / 2.4, ISO 124, 1/60 s)
Xiaomi mi 11i

At night, the smoothing mixed with digital noise unfortunately makes the whole difficult to use.

Xiaomi Mi 11 ((15mm eq, f / 2.4, ISO 4797, 1/15 s))
Xiaomi mi 11i

Photo module, portrait mode and video

Like the Mi 11, the Mi 11i has a 20-megapixel front-facing photo sensor, which allows for selfies that are properly exposed and detailed. Be careful, however, to deactivate the beauty filters offered by the brand, which tend to excessively smooth the features. The portrait mode which is associated with it proved to be convincing during the clipping exercise, not erasing the crazy strands during our tests.

In terms of video, the Mi 11i offers the same options as the Mi 11. It benefits from the same stabilization system and an ability to shoot in 8K at 30 fps.


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