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O2 launched 5G in 15 locations. By the end of the year, it will cover 20 percent of the population – Živé.sk


The operator is talking about an investment of tens of millions of euros.

How did we suggested a week ago, O2 has actually quietly built a 5G network almost throughout Bratislava and together it currently covers 15 locations in the area. The company announced that it would significantly expand its coverage by the end of the year.

To this day, the 5G network is available almost throughout Bratislava and is also available for residents of Pezinok, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Zálesia, Malinov, Bernolákov, Chorvatský Grob, Slovenský Grob, Viničný, Pezinok, Modra, Šenkvíc, Dubová, Jaroviec and Rusoviec. This was announced at a meeting with journalists by the head of the O2 network, Juraj Eliáš. The operator also showed the current coverage map:

Photo gallery

O2 showed the current 5G coverage map.

Source: Ján Trangel

Depending on the provider, the actual speeds achieved can be 500 to 800 Mbit / s.

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20% coverage by the end of the year

The company immediately announced that together with Ericsson they will cover many new locations by the end of the year. Together, it will be 20 percent of the population, said the head of O2 Igor Tóth. It should no longer be just about western Slovakia, but also about many localities in the east.

Tóth said that O2’s ambition is to add a 5G network everywhere in the coming years. He did not state the exact time horizon. However, he said that next year 5G will be added to larger and regional cities.

New network coverage by the end of this year:

Photo gallery

By the end of the year, the 5G operator will expand to 20 percent of the population.

Source: Ján Trangel

O2 describes that network replacement investment and the construction of 5G will probably be even higher than 4G and will reach several tens of millions of euros.

O2 clients have access to the network. On the other hand, customers of Tesco mobile and the Radosť brand will not join yet. Tóth did not specify when that would change.

How is the competition

Telecom covers 5G network a large part of Bratislava (Jarovce, Rusovce, Petržalka, Staré Mesto, Nové Mesto, Kramáre, Ružinov, Trnávka, Vajnory, Rača, Vrakuňa, Podunajské Biskupice, Karlová Ves, Dúbravka, Lamač, Devín, Devínska Nová Ves and Záhorská Bystrica).

The surrounding villages are Čakany, Dunajská Lužná, Hamuliakovo, Hviezdoslavov, Chorvátsky Grob (including Čierna Voda), Ivanka pri Dunaji, Kalinkovo, Kostolná pri Dunaji, Kráľová pri Senci, Kvetoslavov, Marianka, Mierovo, Miloslavov, Most pri Bratislave, Slovenský Tomb, Thursday on the Island, Tomášov, Veľký Biel, Vlky and Zálesie.

4ka has 5G in some parts of the capital (Devínska Nová Ves, Dúbravka, Karlova Ves, Nové Mesto, Petržalka, Podunajské Biskupice, Rača, Ružinov, Staré Mesto and Vrakuňa) and also covers a small part of Banská Bystrica. He is currently announcing that he will soon make the network available in two other large cities. He won’t talk about what he’s going to do yet.

Orange has 5G only in Petržalka and in a very small part of Banská Bystrica. As the only player in the market you asks for a surcharge on access to the 5G network, the price includes only a 65-euro flat rate. The operator referred the client to him they did not expect a large expansion of the network – He says it’s expensive.


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