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Legendary Czech director: Transport by helicopter to the hospital and now … He doesn’t leave the house at all! –


Marie Poledňáková (real name Marie Jandová) was born on September 7, 1941 in Strakonice, she grew up in the town of Nepomuk near Pilsen. The family moved to Prague in 1948. Father Otto Janda was a professor of economics. During the communist repression in the 1950s, he was threatened with imprisonment, which he eventually avoided, but instead of his original profession, he had to work as a miner.

Source: SITA

A similar fate befell his daughter – although she successfully graduated from high school, she did not receive a recommendation for university. She worked at the Institute of Photographic Chemistry, later working manually in a factory.

She met her later husband, music scientist, publicist and university teacher Ivan Poledňák. The key for her was a meeting with the then-beginning successful television creator Jaroslav Dietl, who offered her a job in television.

Marie Poledňáková has been working here since 1961 as an assistant stage and director – at that time television was live. She also studied dramaturgy at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU). She graduated in 1970, beginning her television career as a screenwriter and director. During this period, she raised a school-age son herself – and it was this motif that appeared in her later film stories. Initially, however, she focused more on historical and psychological topics. This was also her first film Yesterday and Today from 1971, under which she signed as a screenwriter and director.

Legendary Czech director: Prevoz

Source: SITA

Filming according to one’s own script became a rule for Poledňáková in the case of other works as well. She also used it in her first family comedy, How to Pull a Whale’s Stool (1977). Thanks to a moving story and spontaneous acting by Tomáš Holý, comedy has become one of the most popular and most frequently repeated television films. A year later, the sequel How to Get Daddy to a Rehabilitation Center followed.

In 1979, both comedies received awards for best screenplay and direction at the Monte Carlo International Television Festival. And Tomáš Holý became a child star of the television screen resp. silver canvas.

After the film Kotva u přívozu (1980), Poledňáková returned to work with children’s actors. It was their performances that refreshed the comedy I Enjoy You with the World from 1982, which could already be seen by cinema audiences. Poledňák’s film debut, set in a romantic winter setting, was a success in the form of a Special Prize at the 1983 Gijón International Film Festival.

From 1983 to 1989, Poledňáková worked as a director at the Barrandov Film Studio. At the time, she made The Taming of the Shrew (1986) and Two People at the Zoo (1989). In the 1990s, she started a business in the media field. In 2006, she returned to filming with the family comedy How to Tame Crocodiles, and also made the films Kiss as God (2009) and Kiss as the Devil (2012).

Legendary Czech director: Prevoz

Source: CT

Other creative plans of director Marie Poledňáková were thwarted by a stroke that hit her in 2016. It happened at the cottage when she agreed with a friend and picked mushrooms – she had already found her unruly. The legendary director was immediately taken by helicopter to a military hospital.

The public has not seen her since. “Since Mrs. Poledňáková collapsed, we have only seen her a few times. And not at all for the last two years, ” revealed the daily Aha! local resident.

At that time, Czech journalists contacted her son Petr with a request that Mrs. Poledňáková could wish the readers a nice Christmas. “Don’t be angry, but it really can’t,” declared. but he did not specify the details of his state of health.


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