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The unsuspected uses of toothpaste – Ouest-France evening edition – 06/09/2021 – Ouest-France


It’s not just for brushing your teeth. Your tube of toothpaste can help you more than three times a day. Shine silverware, clean your bathroom, restore shine to your shoes, here’s how to use toothpaste (in paste and not in gel), cleverly.

Clean the kitchen or bathroom

In these two rooms, toothpaste can act as a cleanser. It can help to catch the slightly blackened joints. Apply the paste to the joints, leave to act according to the degree of dirt, then scrub with a brush before rinsing.

At the bottom of the bathroom sink, the small dose of toothpaste that has fallen from the toothbrush can be put to good use. Rub it with a soft cloth then rinse to restore shine to the sink. Same with the shower glass. To make it transparent, apply a little toothpaste with a damp cloth then rub before rinsing with water. Magical !

Photo: Pixabay (Photo: Pixabay)

The faucets will regain their shine using the same trick. A damp cloth or sponge, a dab of toothpaste, rub, rinse, polish. Be careful not to abuse this technique on the chrome. The abrasive from the toothpaste can damage the finish.

Revive the shine of car headlights

Less expensive than a kit for cleaning your headlights, toothpaste can help restore luster to tarnished, aged and scratched optics that have diminished brightness. It may take more than one tube to collect all of your vehicle’s headlights.

Clean them first with soap and water, then spread the toothpaste (in paste, not in gel), in a thick layer. You can add baking soda to increase the abrasive effect. Scrub with a toothbrush to clean thoroughly, or with a tissue, making small circular motions. Then rinse with hot water and rub with a tissue.

Car headlights can find a new lease of life. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Likewise, toothpaste can restore shine to piano keys.

Remove traces of nail polish

The smell is more pleasant than that of the nail polish remover. To remove leftover nail polish, toothpaste can do the trick. Applied in a thick layer on the nails, then rubbed with a brush, the toothpaste removes small stubborn traces. Once rinsed, it even gives nails shine and whitens them.

Also on the hands, toothpaste helps get rid of bad smells, such as after having sliced ​​an onion or prepared a fish.

Polish the iron

Calcified irons can regain radiance. Apply toothpaste to the sole of the iron, rub gently until it is clean, then rinse with a sponge to remove any toothpaste remnants.

Clean stains from clothes

Provided it is a white tissue, the toothpaste acts as a stain remover. Just apply a small amount to the stain in question and rub the fabric. Let the toothpaste absorb the stain, then scrape it off. If the stain is still slightly visible, you can start over before washing the garment in the machine.

Toothpaste can also breathe new life into shoes with white soles marked by black marks.

Catching up on a scratched CD or DVD

CDs and toothpaste go hand in hand. (Photo: WikiHow)

Disappointed that you can’t listen to your favorite CD anymore? Toothpaste applied to a previously cleaned CD can remove small scratches (for larger scratches, this is impossible). Apply toothpaste (grain-free) to the entire shiny part of the disc with your finger, leave to act for 5 minutes then rinse the CD with clean water. Dry carefully.

Toothpaste can also save the screens of cell phones or game consoles. Rub the screens with toothpaste on a soft cloth or cotton, then wipe with a clean cloth.

Clean pencil marks on the wall

If the youngest has decided to redo the decor of his room with marker drawings, don’t panic. White toothpaste and a rag can get rid of pencils, markers, or pens. With a clean cloth, apply the toothpaste in circles and then wipe off any toothpaste residue. Here is !


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