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Louane in love: she confides in her special meeting with Florian Rossi, already in a relationship


Very discreet about her private life, Louane confided as never before about her meeting with Florian Rossi, with whom she now has perfect love. However, if they love each other today and are parents of a little Esme, at first it was love at first sight.

The feelings were not immediately obvious between Louane and Florian Rossi. For several months, the singer and the musician spin the perfect love and welcomed together their first child in 2020, a little girl named Esmée who is today their greatest happiness. A discreet story, as the singer is not the type to open up about her private life apart from a few photos on Instagram, which did not however start with great love. And for good reason, at the time of the meeting between Louane and Florian Rossi, the latter was in a relationship.

Eight months of secrets, of saying nothing and keeping it all to myself. He was with someone so for me it was not possible. I think it has been seen at a few small moments but I made sure that it was not picked up “, she confided in the podcast Bliss Stories. The occasion in particular for her to tell about her meeting with the father of her daughter, whom she knew thanks to their common passion for music. I met him, it was in July or August 2017. I am between my first and my second album. More exactly, my second album will be released in the fall, and I’m going to start a new tour “, she confided, explaining to have met the musician “precisely so that he plays with [elle] on the scene”. “It was a real sledgehammer. One-sided love at first sight, she said, adding a few details about this particularly singular moment.

How was Louane’s first pregnancy?

“Actually, I was recording when he arrived. He’s waiting in a sort of living room that’s between the studio and the booth, and when I opened the door he didn’t see me, because he was doing something else and he didn’t look up. It was over. “, she confided. But the magic of love seems to have operated a few months later, since Louane and Florian Rossi are now parents of a little Esmée. The singer has also recently confided for the first time about this difficult pregnancy, during which she was particularly ill.

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