NewsWorldLeaving Afghanistan: our special envoy recounts his departure

Leaving Afghanistan: our special envoy recounts his departure


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Major reporter for France 24, Cyril Payen was one of the few journalists in the world to be still present in Afghanistan at the beginning of September, despite the seizure of power by the Taliban and the departure of the Americans. After more than two weeks spent in Kabul, our journalist finally left the country. Story of an eventful start.

Leaving Afghanistan has not been easy since the Americans left the country for good on August 30. France 24’s special envoy to Kabul, Cyril Payen, had to leave at dawn over the weekend and take the road to Jalalabad and the Pakistani border.

If the Taliban did not put a spoke in the wheels of our journalist, the Pakistani agents made him wait for six hours at the border despite proper authorizations. A testimony in an on-board camera.

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