NewsWorldAlert in India for the Nipah virus, a 12-year-old...

Alert in India for the Nipah virus, a 12-year-old died


Health alert in the state of Kerala, India, after a 12-year-old boy died of an infection caused by the Nipah virus, a virus spread by bats that causes brain inflammation and difficulty breathing. The infection, Kerala Health Minister Veena George said, has been confirmed by the National Institute of Virology (NIV). Police have isolated an area within a two-mile radius around the boy’s home and high alert has been declared in Malappuram and Kannur. However, Indian authorities have insisted that there is currently no reason to raise an alarm, while health officials continue to investigate the case, fearing that it could trigger an outbreak. Nipah is considered one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. as it is believed to be 75 times more deadly than Covid. The virus, which manifests with symptoms such as vomiting and seizures, in the most critical picture can lead to encephalitis. Nipah is believed to originate in fruit bats. The virus is transmitted from animals to humans, but can also be transmitted through contaminated food or directly between people. Studies have shown that the virus can be highly contagious during person-to-person transfer, especially if the victim has pre-existing respiratory problems and is elderly.Nipah also causes concern due to its long incubation period of up to 45 days, which means that people could get infected for over a month before getting sick.


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