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The conditions for visiting the Pope are changing: The doctor warns! If the state succumbs to pressure, it will make an irreversible mistake –


The head of the internal department of the hospital in Považská Bystrica, Milan Kulkovský, also commented on the situation. Not only according to him, such an event is extremely risky. Originally, this mass event was to be vaccinated in all cities only. However, a few days before the Pope’s arrival, conditions changed and the events will operate in OTP mode.

Changing the rules during the Pope’s visit: A call from the Ministry! Heger did not interfere in the decision

VIDEO Mass events during the Pope’s visit will operate in OTP mode

If the state succumbs to pressure, it will make an irreversible mistake

“Even under the current conditions, the Pope’s visit is extremely risky from an epidemiological point of view. However, if the state succumbs to pressure from church and political circles and relaxes the criteria for participation, it will make a huge and irreversible mistake.” Kulkovský stated on his social network. According to him, the rules were set and everyone had enough time to adapt to them.

350,000 people were expected to attend Mass at Šaštín, and so far about 30,000 people have registered so far. Another 8,000 people plan to come to the city by bus. The bishops are urging people to register, and the KBS believes the number will increase. However, many speak of a surprisingly low turnout. “The possible low participation in meetings with the Pope is not the result of strict and necessary measures, but a reality that some of us do not want to admit. The reality is the fact that Slovakia is not as strongly a believing country as we want to consider ourselves.” stated.

“Many turn to the faith in the Pharisees only when they need help from God or are satisfied with the social image of a” decent “Christian hung with crosses. But they are infinitely distant from a decent person. It is not hypocrisy to go to a pope who considers vaccination for an act of love of neighbor, but you are not willing to undergo this act? ” states Kulkovský. “If you don’t believe the pope and his words, you’d better stay home too …,” he added.

Events with the Pope will be allowed to enter in OTP mode

Unvaccinated visitors will need to register with the OTP registration. The public can register on the website from 6 September today. Registration started around 1:30 p.m. The press office of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (KBS) informed about it. At the same time, they warned those interested in participating in OTP not to apply to the existing registration for fully vaccinated, but to wait for Monday to start OTP registration.

Source: ÚVZ SR

“For visitors in the OTP mode, their own sectors with their own inputs will be created at events in Prešov, Košice and Šaštín, all in accordance with valid regulations,” reported from the KBS press office. “Fully vaccinated, who will have their own inputs, can decide whether to go to the fully vaccinated sector or to the OTP sector,” added the office. They also announced that upon entering the OTP sector, visitors would have to prove themselves with a ticket, proof of identity and a negative test or confirmation of overcoming COVID-19 in the last 180 days.

Organizers can choose

The organizer of mass events can choose the regime on the basis of the conditions specified in the COVID vending machine and in accordance with the decrees of the Public Health Office (ÚVZ SR). “The Ministry of Health calls on all participants in events with the Holy Father to adhere strictly to all anti-epidemic measures, not only during Masses and public meetings, but also, for example, during public transport, waiting for entry into sectors or after events and returning home.” said health care spokeswoman Zuzana Eliášová.

Pope Francis

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Andrew Medichini

The Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic is already setting general conditions in its decrees, which are valid for all mass events. “ÚVZ SR does not have the opportunity to decide for specific organizers how to fulfill their obligations under the decree. Currently, they are free to choose from three regimes (base, OTP and vaccinations), whose settings and conditions take into account the situation in the district and , “ Daša Račková, a spokeswoman of the ÚVZ SR, stated.

In the meantime, please note that visitors should not rely on being tested near the event. “We will inform you in advance about possible mobile collection points (MOM) before the events,” stated KBS. Pope Francis will visit Slovakia from 12 to 15 September. In addition to Bratislava, he will visit Prešov, Košice and also take part in the national pilgrimage in Šaštín.

The Prime Minister would not interfere in the change of rules

Prime Minister Eduard Heger did not interfere in any way with the change in the rules in connection with the visit to public events at which Pope Francis will speak. “These were decisions of the organizer, ie the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (KBS), which must act in accordance with the valid decree of the Office of Public Health (ÚVZ) SR,” added his spokeswoman Ľubica Janíková.

VIDEO He did not interfere in the change of the rules of participation in events with the Pope, claims the Prime Minister

The change was appreciated by the We Are the Family movement and the opposition Voice-SD, the SaS party also agrees, while drawing attention to the need for strict adherence to anti-epidemic measures. On the contrary, OĽaNO MP Andrej Stančík sharply criticizes the measure, KBS perceives the move as an irresponsible and huge gamble, which will be rescued at a time of a growing number of new cases of COVID-19.


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