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The Taliban invited 6 countries to announce the new government: Russia and Turkey – Topka – are among them


The radical Taliban, which quickly conquered Afghanistan in mid-August and gained power, invited certain countries, including Russia and Turkey, to a ceremony to announce the composition of the new Afghan government. An unnamed representative of the movement told al-Jazeera television on Monday.

“We have sent invitations to the announcement of the new Afghan government to Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Qatar.” said the representative.

The Taliban took power in Afghanistan in mid-August

The Taliban conquered Afghanistan and the capital Kabul unexpectedly quickly in mid-August, during the withdrawal of US forces from the country, where they were present for 20 years. The situation has raised strong concerns among many people, especially women, about the return of the Taliban’s authoritarian regime when it ruled from 1996-2001.

Now the Taliban has announced that after the resignation of the Western-backed government in Afghanistan, it plans to create an inclusive temporary cabinet in which leaders from all ethnic groups and tribes in the country will be represented.

The Taliban are calling on the Afghan army to integrate into the new regime

The Taliban militant movement on Monday called on former members of the Afghan army to “integrate” into the new regime. The AFP agency informed about it. “Afghan forces trained over the past 20 years will be asked to rejoin security forces with Taliban members.” spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said at a press conference in the Afghan capital Kabul.

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Wali Sabawoon

The spokesman added that any uprising against their government would be “hard suppressed”. These words came after the Taliban declared that it had occupied the last bastion of resistance in the country – the Punjir Valley. “The Islamic Emirate is very sensitive to the uprising. Anyone who tries to start an uprising will be hit hard. We will not allow another uprising.” said Mujahideen.

They are working on technical details

He also clarified that Afghanistan would be governed by a “temporary system”, which would be introduced soon, until the government was formed. “Final decisions have been made, we are now working on the technical details … We will announce the new government as soon as the technical problems are resolved,” said a spokesman for the militant movement.

On August 19, the Taliban declared the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Even then, one of the high-ranking members of the militant movement said that there would be no democracy in the country. “There will be no democratic system at all, because it has no roots in the country. We will not discuss what type of political system we should establish in Afghanistan, because it is clear. There will be Sharia law and that’s it.” said Vahidullah Hashimi. According to Reuters, the organization of the state should be very similar to that between 1996 and 2001, when the country was ruled by the Taliban.


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