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Esa is looking for astronauts, application sled for selection


ESA relaunches on the recruitment of new European astronaut crews – those who will go to the Moon and perhaps also to Mars – to postpone the deadline for submitting the application for selection, initially scheduled for 28 May, to June 18. The decision was made by ESA to give the possibility to citizens of Lithuania – which has just become a new member country – to participate in the call. “The aspiring astronauts now have until June 18, 2021 to submit an application for the selection of ESA astronauts” announced the European Space Agency explaining that “the three-week extension came when the ESA also welcomed Lithuania as a new associate member state “.” Lithuania’s new status as an associate member of ESA means that Lithuanian citizens can now apply for all vacant ESA posts, “explains the agency. Consequently, the ESA “encourages all those who meet the criteria for the various open positions for ESA astronaut or astronaut with physical disabilities and who dream of flying into space to come forward”. And to help the younger generation of space explorers, Guillaume Weerts, head of space medicine at ESA’s European Astronaut Center, also explains that some new candidates may have difficulty obtaining a European Part-Med, Class 2 (private pilot) medical certificate. by the deadline but assures that “although the deadline cannot be extended beyond June 18 due to the intense selection process, there is a way forward for those who do not have a certificate in hand”. “Candidates – he warns – must undergo the medical examination required by an aeronautical coroner certified by their national aeronautical medical authority. However, if you have not yet received your formal certificate, ESA will also accept a copy of the official medical report. official certificate can then be provided at a later time if needed “. “Dream big” is the motto that ESA launches to all young aspiring astronauts. And he does so also through the words of his astronaut Andreas Møgensen who, in a video posted on the official website of the European Space Agency, tells how he was “slightly embarrassed”, during the interview to obtain the PhD, in telling a professor who would have liked to become an astronaut and then, just seven years later, had instead become a member of the ESA astronaut corps class of 2009.



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