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5 Things You Should Know This September 6: Moderna Booster Dose Could Take Longer


Maduro attacks Guaidó in the middle of the dialogue. Political reactions for immediate reelection in El Salvador. Soccer scandal between Brazil and Argentina. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Moderna booster dose could take

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said Sunday that Moderna’s booster dose could be delayed and not available for the week of Sept. 20, as planned. The government’s idea was to implement the booster doses against covid-19 from Pfizer and Moderna at the same time.


Maduro launches threats in full dialogue with the opposition

The questioned president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, made statements from Caracas in which he threatened that “there can be no impunity” and that “he dreams of the day when there is justice and that all these bandits and criminals pay.” His words come in the midst of the dialogue held in Mexico by representatives of the government and the opposition.


Vaccination against covid-19 in Latin America

According to figures from Our World In Data, more than 40.3% of the world’s population on average is at least partially vaccinated against covid-19. Overall, the continent already has, on average, more than half of the population vaccinated with at least one dose. South America has a vaccination rate of 55.59% and North America of 54.20%. How are vaccination rates by country in Latin America?


Reactions to the ruling on presidential re-election in El Salvador

The United States government, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are among the governments and organizations that have reacted to the decision of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of El Salvador to allow immediate presidential re-election, a measure that alleviates the way for the president, Nayib Bukele, to remain in power. For the US, the ruling “undermines democracy.”

Allow immediate re-election in El Salvador 3:45


9/11: 20 years later

Next Saturday marks two decades of the terrorist attacks organized by al Qaeda against the United States. 19 men hijacked 4 commercial airliners and made them hit various locations on the east coast. In total, 2,977 people died after the attacks. Learn about this CNN en Español special about September 11, 2001, its facts, its impact on history and more.

At coffee time

It was supposed to be another stellar moment between Brazil and Argentina, but it ended in scandal

It was the most outstanding match of the date in the South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. But it was interrupted at minute 5 and was suspended. Here’s what happened.

Analysis: White Supremacism, But With a Tan

The assumption that more racial diversity equals more racial equality is a dangerous myth. Read this analysis by John Blake, which also has a focus on Latin America.

# NuevaMúsica: Tokischa and Rosalía present “Linda”

At Zona Pop CNN we collect some of the most notable premieres. Check out the list, along with their music videos, for premieres the first week of September 2021.

Meet the flight attendant who took advantage of the pandemic to train as a pilot

The pandemic took away Jordan Milano Hazrati’s job, but it was also what spurred her search for her dream job. Know its history.

Singapore’s famous Hawker Chan street restaurant loses its Michelin star

He was known for offering the most accessible food in the world with a Michelin star. Why did you lose the designation?

The number of the day

US $ 1.4 million

It is the sum that “Big John” hopes to raise, the skeleton of a giant triceratops fossil that will be auctioned on October 21 in Paris.

Quote of the day

“I will wear whatever type of hijab they ask me, as long as they keep universities open for women”

It was said by Mina Qasem, 19, one of the women who will start studying at a university in Afghanistan. The Taliban regime approved a proposal for the separation of male and female students for the semester that begins this Monday, among other restrictions.

Day selection

Articles that movie fans will love and that you can find on Amazon

Do you have friends who love movies? These are great gift ideas.

And to finish…

The bullfighting festivities return to Spain

The bullfighting festival is back in Spain 1:22

Spain celebrates its first bullfighting festival since the pandemic began last year. This is how the event was lived in the streets of the town of Villaseca de la Sangra.


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