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The coalition shakes the foundations: Kollár put on Remišová! I am sorry that the puppeteer – Topky comments on the law


The head of the We Are Family family meant the head of the For People movement, Veronika Remišová, who strongly opposed the decision, called for a reassessment of section 363, and convened an extraordinary coalition council because of this. Kollár threatened that if the illegalities continued, it would be appropriate to allow early elections.

Kollár cooled down: The coalition found a match! The working group will decide on Žilina’s powers

VIDEO We are a family responding to Pčolinský’s release: Kollár admits early elections

I’m sorry that the puppeteer comments on the law

He cooled down slightly at the extraordinary coalition council and, together with his movement, agreed to set up a working group to reconsider this section. However, members of the coalition will also be part of the working group. Apparently, unlike Veronika Remišová, he probably has no problem with them.

Source: TASR / Jakub Kotian

In response to the decision, the head of the For People pointed out that the independence of the prosecutor’s office is questionable after the decision to release Pčolinský. Remišová promotes the dismantling of the power of the prosecutor. “I am sorry when the President, who has a degree in puppetry, comments on law and the legal system. I recommend that she turn to experts who understand law and read the 72 pages, and then she spoke and did not do it emotionally.” he bequeathed the leader of the smallest coalition party right at the beginning of the discussion show Na telo na Markíze.

Kollár does not have a studied law either

Kollár defended himself, saying that although he did not study the law, he did not comment on the GP’s decision, but only stated that 41 violations of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code had been violated. They also agreed on this topic with co-discussing Peter Pellegrini, the head of the Hlas party, with whom, in addition to looking at the Minister of the Interior, Roman Mikulec, they agreed on everything and often supplemented their sentences.

Press conference of government officials

Source: Topky / Maarty

“What does this lady allow herself to do? To slander the entire prosecutor’s office for being impartial and not working as it should.” said Pellegrini, saying that Maroš Žilinka gained widespread support across the opposition and the coalition. According to him, the Prosecutor General’s Office is an independent body that had the right to take such a decision.

I prefer to work instead of incorrect attacks

The boss for people responded to the words of Kollár and Pellegrini on the social network. “Instead of quarrels and incorrect political attacks, I would rather continue to work for citizens and for Slovakia,” she wrote. He is currently on a working trip to Estonia, where an international digital summit is taking place. “Especially if I’m attacked today by a man under whose leadership a billion euros have been spent on IT in 10 years and almost nothing has worked properly, except for the supply of champagne boxes,” she said on the margo of the Chief of the Voice.

“I have always chosen the path of hard work. For example, when at the Sorbonne in France, one of the top 10 universities in the EU, only two out of 30 students successfully completed their studies. I choose the same path of hard work today, when my colleagues and I do everything to set up an effective system without corruption and could support innovations and new technologies that are key to Slovakia’s prosperity, ” she added.

This was a blow to the coalition partner’s belt

Remišová was also defended by Juraj Šeliga, who did not always agree with her. “Veronika Remišová is not perfect and everyone knows that we have never been close friends and I have been in dispute with her x times. Nevertheless, I would find it embarrassing to pretend that nothing happened. Because the coalition partner would attack Veronika for her education (by the way, she graduated from three universities, including the prestigious Sorbonne) strikes me as rude, incorrect – ad hominem foul “under the belt”! “ stated on the social network.

According to Šelig, the debate on the provision of paragraph 363 is important and justified. “The power of the Attorney General can be both a correction of illegality and a frustration of legality. It is a matter of use and justification. That is why it needs to be debated, and therefore questions about the system setting are justified.” He stated that the cases of Pčolinský and Haščák only drew attention to the debate, which has been going on in legal circles for a long time.

Kollár is a farmer

A member of the European Parliament and a former member of the SaS party also responded to Kollár’s words. “Boris Kollár is one primitive farmer who has never had more than to make a money changer before the Prior. The question is whether he has more Slovakia, whose legislature is currently leading this money changer,” Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová commented on his words. “Because whether there will be early elections or elections in due time, for the new coalition, Kollar can be an expensive sales bride again. Only that Slovakia would wake up and start having more.” she added.

The coalition shakes v

Source: Topky / Ján Zemiar

If the paragraph is repealed, we will leave the government

Kollár reminded that if section 363 were completely repealed, they would consider it a breach of the coalition agreement and would leave the coalition. “Yes, they can no longer count on our support,” said the boss We are family. The chairman of the second strongest coalition movement admitted for the first time that if the For People party disintegrated, the wing around Remišová would no longer have to be part of the government. “We cannot be in a coalition with a party that has only two or four members. Anything is possible,” declared.

On the topic of the coalition, he also stated that the Minister of Justice Mária Kolíková and her faction will probably go to the SaS. “I think that Mária Kolíková and the offenders from the For the People side will join the SaS party, and then we will lose the coalition partner,” said Kollár. According to him, it is possible that then there would be changes in the coalition, including the redistribution of posts.


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