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Later, Richard Müller became interested in the interpretation of the songs Happiness is a Beautiful Thing, I Recognize, Under the Gas, or Kurt Vonnegut by the Czech authors Petr Hapka and Michal Horáček, which come from the V V penzión Svět (1988) and Citová investice (1996) albums.

His solo work, which began in 1992, is characterized by a deep personal statement and is decorated with hits such as It Won’t Be Easy, Making Love in the Rain, Cigarette in 2 Moves, In the Same City, Count Me, Naked II. whether.

Today (Monday, September 6), the singer, original lyricist, composer, but also the talented photographer Richard Müller will be 60 years old.

Richard Müller was born on September 6, 1961 in Hlohovec in the acting family of Vladislav Müller and Eliška Müllerová. In 1985 he graduated in dramaturgy and screenwriting at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava. He devoted himself to music while still a student, and also as the editor of the magazines Popular and Gramorevue. Later, he recorded and sang the first composition, Rádio, with Pavel Daněk’s Burčiak.

Vlado Müller

Source: SFI

Richard Müller and his mother Eliška
Richard Müller with his mother

Source: CTK

In 1984, he founded the group Banquet and gave his first public performance with it in June of the same year at the Bratislava Lyre with the song Unrecognized. The band has also had success with the songs Why You, the People of the 20th Century, Always Have Gloomy Eyebrows (1985) or Esspreso Tone (1986). The band released their debut album Bioelektrovízia in 1986 and among the most famous songs, in addition to the hit After the Stairs, are also Pressure Under, Salieri, Nezavadzaj, and Slovenčina.

Richard Müller Celebrates: The Image

Source: Opus

The musical progressiveness was confirmed by Banquet, led by Müller, also by the recording New Age ?! (1988). In collaboration with Andrej Šeban, compositions such as The Housing Core of the Problem, Slovak Tango, or Clown in the Mask of Man were created. Müller’s last studio project with Banquet was the album Forward? (1990) with the hits I want to serve you, Ostrich, or I want to serve you, and with the song I Also You !, with which the band won the Bratislava Lyre in 1989.

In 1992, Müller embarked on a solo career. His debut was the album Don’t Learn a Bird to Fly (1992), from which hits such as It Won’t Be Easy or When Love Leaves Come. He received the Aurel Academy of Popular Music Award for his album.

His collaboration with Jaro Filip also began in the 1990s, from which the album 33 was created in 1994 with a reference to Müller’s age, ie to the “years of Christ”. As a composer, Filip also participated in the cult album LSD (1996) with the hit Cigaretka na 2 tahě. Müller was awarded another Aurel Prize for the lyrics to this song.

Richard Müller Celebrates: The Image

Source: TASR

Two years later, Müller introduced the album Night Optics with the hits In the Same City, Loving You, Feet, or Book Story. The album earned Müller four Aurels and also received the Aurel Award for his recording The End of the World (1999), in which Jaro Filip also participated.

On the album Richard Müller and the Guests (2000), he not only sang Czech lyrics by Michal Horáček, but also began to collaborate with Ivan Tásler. He received two Aurels for the album. The leader of IMT Smile also participated in Müller’s award-winning recording ´01 (2001, won 5 Aurels).

Müller’s author’s albums include Monogamous Relationship (2004), which he followed up with 44 (2005), which again referred to his age at the time. A year later he released the album VV and paid tribute to Milan Lasic and Jar Filip with the recording Müller sings Lasica, Lasica sings Müller, Müller and Lasica sing Filip (2008).

After the album Už (2010), he continued his collaboration with Tásler and the recording Ešte (2011) was made, followed by the projects Hlasy (2013), Hlasy 2 (2014) with the vocal group Fragile. In 2013, he was awarded the Crystal Wing for his recording of Voices.

Richard Müller Celebrates: The Image

Source: TASR

He returned to Horáček’s lyrics on the recording Social Network (2015), on which the Czech guitarist Michal Pavlíček composed the music. He commemorated his fifty-fifth birthday with the album 55 (2016) and so far his last solo work is the studio Hour between a Dog and a Wolf (2020), on which he returned to collaboration with Peter Uličný and the composer was Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý.

In addition to music, Müller also introduced himself as a talented photographer and has two photographic books, America (1996) and Enter (2010). He also moderated TV talk shows such as Müllerád, Promülle and OK Pop.

His ex-wife is a TV announcer and presenter Soňa Müllerová, with whom he has a son Filip and a daughter Emu-Lujza. He has a son, Markus, with his current partner Vanda Wolfová.

Richard Müller Celebrates: The Image

Source: TASR


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