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In the Delpy family, the father, shapeless hat and white beard. When Julie told him aboutOn the verge, his series soon on Canal + and on Netflix in the United States, he was surprised: “Are you doing porn? “ Actor and theater director, Albert Delpy has played Shakespeare but does not speak his language, unlike his daughter, expatriated across the Atlantic for nearly thirty years who thinks and writes in English. She protested. On the Verge, homage to Almodóvar and his women on the verge of nervous breakdown, means “on the verge of”. And not “on the dick”, as her father suggested with Rabelaisian humor.

Julie Delpy saw “Night and Fog” at the age of 11, the same week as “Santa Claus is a junk”: “An intellectual environment,” she says. Where we adore Copi and Arrabal, where we also talk about ass and we eat like cankers. “

Porn or not, coming from his only daughter, nothing surprises Albert Delpy. As a child, he had nicknamed her Marguerite Duras. She was “Plump”, had no neck, wore heavy glasses and wrote all the time. Then she became very pretty. A Botticellian beauty with a rounded forehead, a porcelain complexion, a delicate mouth … “The caterpillar that turns into a butterfly, Albert is still surprised. Her mother and I didn’t understand how. “

The Skylab, comedy by Julie Delpy shot in 2011, after the death of her mother, actress Marie Pillet, is their “Madeleine” to both of them. The little bitch with glasses, the family of average French people kindly crazy in the 1970s, it is them. The house in Brittany is that of an aunt, they spent every summer there. We eat, we bicker over politics, we kiss in the back of a Simca …

“It was our life, assures Albert Delpy. We were happy and didn’t give a damn about the money. “ The main thing was in the culture. Julie Delpy saw Night and Fog at the age of 11, the same week as Santa Clause is garbage. “An intellectual environment, she says. Where we adore Copi and Arrabal, where we also talk about ass and we eat like cankers. “

Films that look like him

In the Paris apartment, there was no bathroom or living room, “We washed in the sink and we pissed on the landing”, remembers the girl. Since Julie passed her fifties and directed a lot of feature films, her father calls her Josée Dayan. He stars in most of his films. “It’s like directing King Kong, a wild creature …”, she says. His next series, currently being written, will be about a father and his daughter. The cast is predictable.

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