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Munich Motor Show 2021: Mercedes EQG Concept: Terminator has been heard –


What was only a rumor is confirmed at this very first Munich show. Mercedes announces the EQG, a concept that foreshadows the future of the G-Class, the most mythical of the models raised to the star, the one that is placed under the sacrosanct Unimog in the hierarchy of trudging and adventure at the German manufacturer. But over time, the philosophy of the G-Class has changed slightly. More bourgeois, with AMG versions with more than questionable off-road utility, the Class G was no longer just the ally of the military and the country, it was also the choice of city dwellers and wealthy families, not particularly attracted by car washes after having covered their 4×4 with mud.

A Class G which will once again make its revolution. In 2017, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the best mobile communication agency for the Hummer, took possession of an unprecedented Class G electric transformed by Kreisel, in Austria. The guy didn’t know, then, that he had the future of the “G” in his hands. A year later, he met Dieter Zetsche, the ex-CEO of Mercedes, in Los Angeles. He then suggested that she produce an electric Class G. The request obviously did not fall on deaf ears since the project was then initiated. This concept EQG is not just a designer delirium destined to end up in a museum of the brand, it is squarely a showcar close to production. This is to say if Mercedes is not joking with the thing.

Munich Motor Show 2021: Mercedes EQG Concept: Terminator has been heard

The German brand has taken the very straight lines and the marked angles of the G-Class on this EQG, which is distinguished by the biton paint, the light bands or even the detail that kills: the spare wheel at the rear has disappeared, replaced by a sort of safe. This could be used, according to Mercedes, for example to store the charging cables.

One motor per wheel

This EQG is not a classic electric four-wheel drive. Most manufacturers offer two or even three electric motors to make an all-wheel drive. Here, Mercedes decided to opt for the “one engine per wheel” solution, with independent management of each of them. Ideal for off-roading, of course! If the differential locks have thus disappeared, Mercedes has not forgotten everything that makes a 4×4 a real vehicle apart: a specific dual-range transmission (short and long) is present .

The manufacturer did not want to switch to a monohull. This EQG is therefore always in a ladder frame configuration with the integrated battery. Unfortunately, Mercedes does not yet specify the technical data, but we already have a promise: exceptional towing capabilities and off-road control. We just ask to check.


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