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Munich Motor Show 2021 – Smart Concept # 1: the renewal of Smart –


To ensure the future of Smart, Daimler has joined forces with Chinese manufacturer Geely. Smart is now a joint venture equally owned by the two companies. If Daimler is going to design the next vehicles, it will be Geely who will develop them. Production will take place in China.

One thing will not change, Smart will remain a 100% electric brand. This has already been the case since 2019, when the petrol versions of the Fortwo and Forfour went by the wayside. On the other hand, the manufacturer is going to venture into new markets, as Concept # 1 announces.

New design

This styling study gives a good taste of the first Smart of the Geely era, which will therefore be a compact SUV. We are indeed far from small city cars since the prototype, unveiled as part of the Munich Motor Show 2021, measures 4.29 meters in length. It is also a template similar to that of the Mini Countryman.

This new era for the brand is an opportunity to change its style. According to the firm, the design is both adult and casual. We especially note that it is very clean, with a minimum of lines. This contrasts with the fashion for hyper-ribbed bodywork. The very smooth side of the vehicle is reinforced by the hidden door handles (they are indicated by light elements) and the absence of door frames. Will these styling effects remain on the production model? Not sure.

On the other hand, we will find on the production variant the design of the glazing, with a continuity from the windshield to the bezel, which gives a floating aspect to the roof. Painted in a contrasting color, the latter covers part of the rear quarter. We will also have the light signature in Y, with light strip, both at the front and at the back. In good SUV, the vehicle adopts charcoal gray protective elements on the side sills and around the wheels.

Lots of space on board

Munich Motor Show 2021 - Smart Concept # 1: the renewal of Smart

The concept receives doors with antagonistic opening. The middle pillar has been removed, an element that will not be found in series. The interior is bathed in light thanks to a huge glass roof. The electric base makes it possible to reject the wheels in the corners and to have a large wheelbase. Smart thus promises a habitability worthy of the upper segment. The concept is fitted for four, but the production model will have five seats. The dashboard incorporates a 12.8-inch touch screen. The car will receive updates remotely. The console merges with the central tunnel, which floats between the driver and the passenger.

Smart does not give precise information on the technical sheet. We just know that there is a platform designed for 100% electric. We do not yet know the power or the autonomy envisaged. The production version is expected to launch in 2023.


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