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Munich Motor Show 2021 – Mercedes EQE: the electric E-Class –


From 2022, Mercedes will offer an electric model on all the segments it already occupies with the thermal, from the compact to the large SUV therefore. To keep this promise, while it only had one electric model in its range a year ago, the firm is making a series of novelties. Since the beginning of the year, she has presented the EQA, EQB and EQS. And here today, on the occasion of Munich fair, the EQE.

There is a nomenclature logic: the EQE is the 100% electric equivalent of the E-Class. But it is not derived from the famous road, since it is based on a platform dedicated to electricity, like the EQS. In fact, the EQE is a reducing EQS. It measures 4.95 meters in length, or 26 centimeters shorter. The silhouette is very close, with this surprising arcuate profile, which promotes aerodynamics. The bodywork is also free of appendages that hinder the air flow. The handles are retractable and the antennas are hidden under the roof.

Nice roominess, small trunk

The base thought for the electric allows to review the proportions, with a design “oriented towards the cabin” in the words of Mercedes. The wheelbase is stretched, so the overhangs are very short. The front part is compact. It receives the Black Panel grille, which is part of the optics. The large hood comes to rest on the wheels. There is a strip of lights at the rear, another typical EQ element. Like all Mercedes, the EQE is available with an AMG Line aesthetic package.

Inside, the EQE takes the impressive “Hyperscreen” dashboard from its big sister EQS. But it is an option! The Hyperscreen is three screens that seem to form one, under a 141 cm wide glass element. Thus, in addition to the central screen (17.7 inches) and that of the instrumentation, the passenger has in front of him a 12.3 inch screen. Thanks to its giant wheelbase (3.12 meters), the EQE is more livable than the E-Class, with 8 cm more in interior length. On the other hand, the trunk suffers with only 430 liters, a volume worthy of a compact car!

660 km of autonomy

Munich Motor Show 2021 - Mercedes EQE: the electric E-Class

The EQE will be launched with a first 350 version. There is a 215 kW electric motor mounted on the rear axle. The maximum torque is 530 Nm. Mercedes does not yet give a performance value. That’s because it’s a bit early, as the car won’t be launched until mid-2022!

The battery has a useful capacity of approximately 90 kWh. The brand promises a range varying from 545 to 660 km depending on the WLTP cycles. There will be an on-board charger 11 kW, in alternating current as standard. The recharge time is 8.25 hours. As an option, we go up to 22 kW, which saves 4 hours. It will also be possible to recharge with direct current up to 170 kW. What to find 250 km of autonomy in 15 minutes.

Munich Motor Show 2021 - Mercedes EQE: the electric E-Class

The EQE will be able to receive a pneumatic suspension and steered rear wheels. Among the long list of equipment invoiced as a supplement, there is a driver’s door that opens and closes on its own, attention monitoring that detects micro-sleeps or even mood lighting linked to the assistance to the room. conduct.


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