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Hamilton complains of a twisted turn: Our car doesn’t like her – Š


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In qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was not close enough to Max Verstappen’s darling of the home stands. He was 0.038 seconds behind and he was looking for the cause of this loss mainly in Hugenholtz’s twisted turn, which is third in the circuit.

“They are faster at the exit from the second and in the three they are much, much faster,” said Hamilton, who, according to his own words, lost about two tenths of a second in this passage. “It’s hard to say exactly what this is about, but some characteristics of our car don’t like this curve. Even so, it’s incredible fun there. ”

The qualification was also interesting in that without Verstappen’s last fast lap, he would have reached the same time as Hamilton. In the last attempt, however, he improved by those 38 thousandths of a second and will be able to start from the first place.

“In the third sector, I was really on the edge. When you look at my passage through the last turn, there is not even a millimeter of asphalt left. Overall, I am satisfied and I am glad that we were so balanced by them. At one point, they seemed to be far ahead. “ added the seven-time world champion.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Source: TASR / AP

Hamilton gained a lot of time for good in the last sector and as it turned out, Verstappen had a problem with it. He failed to activate DRS and lost more than one tenth of a second.

“We saw that we lost the maximum on the last straight,” Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner said. “It looks like the DRS didn’t open up for us, so we lost a tenth or one and a half tenths of a second. However, under great pressure, Max gave an amazing performance and we are satisfied with that. “

“I had no idea the DRS remained closed,” admitted Max Verstappen. “Together with the mistake I made in the first sector and I advised up twice, it was not ideal. So I could have had a better time, but luckily it was enough for my pole position anyway. “

The goal for the race is clear from Red Bull’s point of view: to win the start and then increase the lead. “It simply came to our notice then. We’d get away with it all and we’re done, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. Mercedes has two of its drivers behind us and can share the strategy. But the main one we need to beat is Lewis. You have to choose the right fight, “ added Christian Horner.

The Dutch Grand Prix will start on Sunday at 15:00:

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