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DIRECT. Presidential 2022: follow the first debate between the five candidates for the ecological primary – Franceinfo


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12:38 : Sandrine Rousseau is questioned on the subject of insecurity and in particular on the police. “The police must be under democratic control”, she declares. In the neighborhoods, she defends a “local police”.

12:35 : Eric Piolle is asked about his proposal for a corporate carbon tax, which would replace part of the taxes on production. As a reminder, the carbon tax was one of the reasons for the anger of the “yellow vests”. “It weighs on households”, estimates the mayor of Grenoble.

12:31 : If Jean-Marc Governatori does not plead for degrowth, he considers that he is indisputable that we have a duty to review our way of life “.

12:29 : It is Delphine Batho’s turn to unroll her proposals. She returns to her flagship idea in terms of economy: degrowth. She calls for an end to the“obsession” for economic growth and GDP. The candidate believes that our company should be based on other indicators such as thefull health “, the reduction of greenhouse gases, or the regeneration of biodiversity.

12:28 : On the social plan, “note must help those who are most in need “, says Yannick Jadot. The MEP defends in particular the idea of ​​a citizen’s income from 18 years old.

12:24 : “The radicalism of ecology is winning the presidential election.”

Yannick Jadot unfolds his program: “exit of pesticides” , “ban on factory farming”

12:22 : Will Jean-Marc Governatori support the candidate nominated at the end of this primary? The co-president of the Cap Ecologie party has set his conditions.

12:23 : Faced with climate change, “we are in an emergency situation from which the consequences must be drawn”, says Delphine Batho. She takes the opportunity to defend the concept of degrowth, “une new conception of well-being “, according to her.

12:19 : “We are all concerned by the ecological situation”, launches Yannick Jadot in turn. “I call on the French to seize this primary, to seize the ecology”, continues the MEP. “It is the only software that allows us” to face the future, he adds.

12:15 : Eric Piolle’s turn to speak. The mayor of Grenoble is delighted that “for the first time, the question of an ecological presidency arises in France”.

12:30 p.m. : Sandrine Rousseau takes the floor in her turn. “If I go to this primary it is for a fairly simple reason: it is that my humiliation has limits”, she explains. “This humiliation is when Emmanuel Macron swept aside with the back of his hand the women who denounced violence against women” by appointing Gerald Darmanin to the Ministry of the Interior, advances the candidate.

12:09 : By virtue of the draw, it is Jean-Marc Governatori who speaks first. The co-president of the Cap Ecologie party is defined as a centrist environmentalist “.

12:08 : Remember that the vote for the first round of the ecological primaries will take place from September 16 to 19. The second round will be held from September 25 to 28.

12:07 : Let’s go for the debate of the five candidates for the ecological primary, to follow live on franceinfo and France Inter.


12:01 : At midday, we recap the main headlines of the news:

Candidates for the environmentalist primary at the heart of the political arena. Delphine Batho, Jean-Marc Governatori, Yannick Jadot, Eric Piolle and Sandrine Rousseau will debate in a few minutes live on franceinfo and France Inter.

France wraps up its Paralympic Games with 54 medals, thanks in particular to a badminton title for Lucas Mazur. The closing ceremony will be to follow from 1 p.m. on France 3 and over here live video.

This is not the“spirit” government, assures Jean Castex. Yesterday evening, on France 2, the prime minister said there was no question of “controlling” the use of back-to-school allowance, after the words of the Minister of Education who had suggested that it was sometimes intended for the purchase of“flat screens”.

11:53 : A few minutes from the debate between the five candidates for the environmentalist primary, I invite you to read the article of my friend Clément Parrot who summarizes their programs for you.

11:52 a.m. : In about ten minutes, Yannick Jadot, Eric Piolle, Delphine Batho, Sandrine Rousseau and Jean-Marc Governatori will debate for the first time in order to obtain the nomination of the environmentalist pole for the presidential election of 2022. It will be followed live on France Inter and the franceinfo channel in the program “Political questions”.

Editing by Jean-Marc Governatori, Delphine Batho, Yannick Jadot, Eric Piolle and Sandrine Rousseau (from left to right), during the environmentalists' summer days, August 20 and 21, 2021, in Poitiers (Vienne).  (MAXPPP)


10h51 : If Yannick Jadot is at the top of the poll, this does not necessarily announce a victory in the primary. “Let us remember that in 2016, Cécile Duflot was favorite, she did not even manage to qualify in the second round, and in the previous primary, the big favorite was Nicolas Hulot and finally he was beaten by Eva Joly”, underlines Jean-François Doridot. He can therefore “there are surprises in an environmentalist primary”, concludes the CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs.

10:49 am : The Ipsos-Sopra Steria survey for franceinfo on candidates for the EELV primary “For the moment, measures a gap in notoriety which is abysmal between Yannick Jadot and the other four contenders for the primary”, analysis Jean-François Doridot, Managing Director of Ipsos Public Affairs.


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