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Pablo Ardila, former governor of Cundinamarca, Colombia, arrested in Spain


(CNN Spanish) – The National Police of Spain confirmed to CNN this Friday the arrest of Pablo Ardila, former governor of the Department of Cundinamarca, Colombia.

The police reported that Ardila was arrested on May 5, that he remains in prison and that in the next few days they will reveal more details of the case.

Hours earlier, the director of the Colombian National Police, Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, reported in a video statement that Ardila had been arrested in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and accused of “sexual abuse, money laundering, crimes against public finances, environment and road safety ”.

Ardila was governor of Cundinamarca between 2004 and 2007.

Vargas indicated that the investigation lasted several months and that it was in charge of the Central Unit of Networks of Illegal Immigration and Documentary Falsehoods of the National Police Force of Spain. He added that the Spanish authorities “are requesting the collaboration of various information that are being processed, and with the competent Colombian authorities it will be determined how the collaboration will be precisely with the judicial and police authorities of Barcelona and Spain.”

CNN is trying to determine if Ardila has a lawyer and how to testify to the accusations.

-Fernando Ramos and Pau Mosquera collaborated on this report



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