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Presidential 2022: Arnaud Montebourg announces his candidacy for “the remountada of France” – LCI


POLICY – The former minister of François Hollande has formalized his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election this Saturday, September 4, from his hometown of Clamecy (Nièvre). With a slogan: “La remorada de la France”.

He introduces himself “to avoid France the pain of a second Macron five-year term or the danger of a first Le Pen five-year term”. Former Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg, “come free and without a political party”, formalized his candidacy for the presidential election this Saturday, September 4 from his hometown of Clamecy, in Nièvre, where he had gathered his support.

“I came to offer our compatriots a project to share together: the remountada of France”, he explained, praising “a large-scale and serious project” for “go back up” the country, at the industrial, democratic and ecological level.

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Not a candidate for the primary of the left

The former socialist deputy, who in recent years has become an entrepreneur and producer of honey and ice cream, has been slow to establish his strategy, as evidenced by “test balloons”, according to his entourage, his media interventions in recent months. Covid contamination, which has “laid flat for four months” at the start of the year, finished disrupting the timing of his declaration.

The former minister wants to stay away from the PS apparatus and will not participate in any primary, he who lost two in 2012 and 2017. He aims nothing other than to be “in the second round” of the presidential election.

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Despite the lack of support from a party, Arnaud Montebourg confided “to feel the legitimacy to bring to power” the “ideas, struggles and projects [qu’il dit avoir] worn in the past “ and today become according to him “the center of gravity of the convictions of the French”, like the fight against neoliberal globalization, or reindustrialization and the Sixth Republic.

Still, for the moment, the one who was president of the departmental council of Saône-et-Loire does not exceed 5% in the few polls that tested him. His candidacy is added to many others on the left, from the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon to that, likely, of the socialist Anne Hidalgo through the candidate from the environmentalist primary.

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