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Charlene of Monaco hospitalized in emergency: new information on her state of health


After being hospitalized in emergency, Charlene of Monaco was finally able to return home, still in South Africa. According to the latest information, on her state of health, advanced by News24, the princess would feel much better.

New alert concerning the state of health of Charlene of Monaco. According to information from News24, the princess had to be hospitalized urgently on the night of September 1 to 2, 2021. “Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco rushed to hospital after falling ill due to complications from severe ENT infection“, had thus declared the palace in a press release.”His Highness is followed closely by his medical team, who say his condition is reassuring“, could we still read. After remaining a few hours under observation, the wife of Albert of Monaco was finally able to return to her home in South Africa.”She spent a night in the hospital, where doctors performed tests, and then she was released. She is now resting surrounded by her family. “

If no doctor from the Durban hospital where she had been transported has wanted to give her news, the South African media assures us that she is better. Since mid-May 2021, Charlene of Monaco has been stranded in this country and cannot take the plane to reach Monaco and her family. The reason : an ENT infection. A few hours before learning that she must have been hospitalized again, Prince Albert of Monaco had assured that thShe could finally get back to the Rock earlier than expected. If it had announced the date of the end of October 2021, it advanced during the month of September. “I know she might have said ‘end of October’, but that was before this last round of dating. I’m pretty sure we can shorten this time a bit“, he confided in the columns of People.

Charlene of Monaco is resting with all her family

He also explained that she was really anxious to find her family and her life before. She was in any case very happy to have been able to take advantage of her husband and her children who came to see her in South Africa.

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