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PSG, Real Madrid: Kylian Mbappé, finally the most expensive free player in history? – Eleven World


Zapping Eleven Mondial Top 10: players at the end of their contract in La Liga

Real Madrid finally tried everything to attract Kylian Mbappé one year from the end of his contract. Three offers were sent to the management of Paris Saint-Germain. A first at 160, a second at 180 and finally a final at 200 million euros. But unfortunately for the Madrid supporters, the Parisian management has been firm and has not opened negotiations to release its nugget one year from the end of his contract. What to postpone his arrival for a year?

This is what the Spanish press thinks it knows, and in particular Marca which is examining his case this morning. Because if he does not extend into the season, he will therefore be free and can engage wherever he wishes next summer. Enough to avoid huge transfer fees, but not enough to make Mbappé a free player. Indeed, as according to media information, the signing of the French international could still cost 80 million euros in signing bonus, various bonuses and agent commissions. Enough to heat up Florentino Perez’s credit card, but not to ruin it either as it was close this summer.

to summarize

Real Madrid, if they want to get Kylian Mbappé back from Paris Saint-Germain next year, will have to pay large transfer bonuses as well as commissions of all kinds to get him officially signed.


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