NewsWorldLaurent Ruquier: what he thinks of Eric Zemmour's potential...

Laurent Ruquier: what he thinks of Eric Zemmour’s potential candidacy


While the specter of Eric Zemmour hangs over the presidential election, Laurent Ruquier has expressed his opinion on his possible candidacy with the Parisian.

Laurent Ruquier is ready for future guests in We are live, alongside Léa Salamé. Indeed, five years after their last collaboration in We are not in bed, the two presenters will be together again. On October 18, 2021, however, another member once emblematic of the program – whose final episode aired in 2020 – will join their reunion. To know, Eric Zemmour. The polemicist will grant them an exclusive interview according to the daily The Parisian. But he will not be invited to the show to promote his latest book.

He will be invited as a politician and not a columnist“, told Laurent Ruquier. Because the name ofEric Zemmour never ceases to be mumured at the approach of the presidential election of 2022. “We will make it react, of course, on all election posters which bloom on the walls of Paris.“But what does the host think of the possible presidential candidacy of his former columnist?”It’s still quite funny to see this, especially when I think that ten years ago, this guy was on my set“, he said. And to conclude, a bit amused:”I feel like it’s a joke.

Does Eric Zemmour “want” to embark on the race for the Élysée?

The opportunity for Eric Zemmour to formalize his candidacy? Everything is possible. On August 28, 2021, while he was at the Objectif France summer school, he did not hide his “desire unite the rights in 2022. A threat which The Republicans and the National Rally have also taken into account. The main goal of the chronicler of Facing the Info would be, above all, to fight against illegal immigration and what he calls “the big replacement.

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