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Afghanistan: Panchir resists the Taliban – Franceinfo



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The Taliban’s lightning recapture of Afghanistan continues to meet a pocket of resistance in the Panchir Valley.

It is difficult to say whether the Panchir Valley fell into the hands of the Taliban. In any case, this is what they are claiming, and in an extremely loud manner, since for a while we have heard shots in the sky, automatic weapons and tracer bullets. On the other hand, the resistance, which is held by the son of the late Commander Massoud, but also the former vice-president, Amrullah Saleh, claims to be still there. And as proof, the latter posted a video on social networks where we see him saying “we are here, I am not hurt, we are not giving up. This is fake news, we will fight again and again”.

You should know that in Panchir, there are 4,000 to 6,000 combatants, seasoned and motivated men, often former members of the special forces, but that is not enough. The pressure is accelerating, with more and more important fights in the Panchir. What the Taliban are waiting for is a total victory over Afghanistan, explains France Televisions journalist Dorothée Olliéric, special correspondent in Afghanistan.


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