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“Tomorrow belongs to us”: Emmanuel Moire arrives in the series and the Spoon has a new boss – What awaits you from September 06 to 10, 2021 in DNA – News Actual


“Tomorrow belongs to us” (DNA): what awaits you next week. Like every week or so, News Actual delivers spoilers and other crisp indiscretions to you on your favorite series. You will meet new characters in the coming days. Emmanuel Moire indeed arrives in the series from Tuesday 07 September. He will play the role of François Lehaut a French teacher .. The series also receives from this week Victoire Dauxerre a former model, actress and author of the book “Jamais enough skinny”. She will play as the new boss of the Spoon, Vanessa.

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Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us. After the death of Clément on Friday in the grounds of the establishment, the Agnès Varda high school is in mourning. Irene, the CPE, who knew the young man well is on edge. An investigation is opened to find the murderer of the young man. Laetitia Lefranc is convinced that Jordan killed her son. The PTS team led by Georges will grow with the arrival of a brilliant technician named Damien.

Marked by the tragic events which shook the Spoon, Tristan left Sète and he does not plan to return. He offers Bart and Louise to take over his business. After hesitating, they accept and hire a new boss, Vanessa. But this chef has a hell of a personality.

Chloé will welcome a new French teacher, François, played by Emmanuel Moire. And this one will not leave the students indifferent.

Noa and Judith have a discussion and Noa dispels the misunderstandings. They will begin a new chapter by officially getting together to the chagrin of Noor, forced to hold the candle. For his part, Gabriel is exhausted. Between his pawn work, his law studies and his room overlooking a salsa bar, he has a hard time being able to rest and get his head out of the water. So he has an idea. Gabriel is going to offer Noor a roommate!

Audrey Roussel leaves for Perpignan to replace a beautician on maternity leave. She will return once a week to Sète. Her children will have to manage themselves … As for Christelle, she discovers burying the gold ingot in her garden.

“Tomorrow belongs to us” in advance with Spoilers and short summaries from September 06 to 10, 2021

Monday 06 September 2021, episode 1007: Agnès Varda high school is in mourning and Chloe feels guilty for not having been able to avoid the tragedy. Garance’s behavior worries those close to her: since the death of her mother, the young woman is no longer the same. Tristan has great news for Louise and Bart. In the absence of their mother, the Roussel children must learn to fend for themselves. But Jordan does as he pleases …

The full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us for Monday 06 September is available HERE

Tuesday 07 September 2021, episode 1008: The police have a new lead on the case of Agnès Varda high school. Mathilde is summoned to the police station. Chloe hires a very attractive teacher. Judith and Noa put things straight.

Wednesday 08 September 2021, episode 1009: Jordan did not come home from the night and his mother is worried about her death. Lizzie is sure the police suspect him of committing a crime. The new head chef at Spoon has an extraordinary personality. Noor and Gabriel decide to move in together.

Thursday 09 September 2021, episode 1010: Chloe learns that Clément and Mathilde quarreled and decides to talk to the police. Louise, for her part, is certain that Bart is hiding something from her. Christelle discovers the ingot buried in her garden. The new French teacher attacks Camille.

Friday September 10, 2021, episode 1011: Chloe realizes what really happened inside her high school. Upset, she attacks Irene, the CPE. Martin launches a new investigation. Louise and Bart’s business is not working. Jack has a chance with Hadrien.

The trailer for “Tomorrow belongs to us” from September 6 to 10, 2021

Find ” Tomorrow belongs to us »Monday to Friday at 19.05 on TF1.

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