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A deceived princess? His ex-mistress – – was also at the ball with her husband


Until she can’t go home and even ended up in the hospital, he apparently lives and enjoys a normal life.

In Monaco and France, the media has long speculated about the crisis in the relationship between Prince Albert and his wife Charlene. Journalists do not like their long separation and the fact that only he and his children appear in public. Now, in addition, more information has arrived that indicates a problem in their marriage.

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Princess Charlene of Monaco during a tennis match in Monte Carlo in 2016

Source: Profimedia

Suspicion of infidelity

After the first controversy about the crisis in the marriage of a prominent couple, a quick reaction came from Monaco. Prince Albert therefore went with his children to Africa, where he finally visited his wife.Charlene did not return home from a spring business trip during which she received a mysterious virus. However, the journalists came up with another revelation.

In July, the Ball of the Red Cross was held in Monaco, which was also attended by Prince Albert. But only now did we manage to meet a well-kept but important guest among the guests. Albert’s ex-mistress was also present at the event.

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Prince Albert II. and Nicole Coste

Source: Profimedia

Nicole Coste is from Togo and at the time of their acquaintance she worked as a flight attendant. It is not clear how close the couple is currently to each other, but after years of silence, it is at least strange that they suddenly appeared at the same ball.

His stepson was also there

Nicole was not the only surprise on the guest list. In addition to her, Albert’s illegitimate son Alexander, whom he has with this flight attendant, also got there. At first, the prince did not want to acknowledge him as his own, but finally confessed to his fatherhood in May 2005.

Nicole has complained in the past that her ex-boyfriend has not kept in touch with their child since he married Charlene. But it seems that just at the time of her long absence from Monaco, he found time for him again and appeared with his 18-year-old son at the same event.

Photo gallery

Son of Prince Albert II – Alexander

Source: Profimedia

In addition to Alexander, Albert has another illegitimate daughter, Jazmin. Since he recognized both of them as his own, in theory they too would have the right to the throne of Monaco.

Current statement of Monaco – the princess has collapsed

Princess Charlene of Monaco, currently in South Africa, collapsed on Wednesday and was taken to hospital. Its condition is stable, the AFP agency informed on Friday, referring to its foundation.

“Her Clarity was taken to the hospital by Princess Charlene of Monaco on Wednesday night after collapsing due to complications associated with a serious infection of the ears, nose and throat she received in May,” the statement said.

“The princess’s medical team is currently assessing her health, but has confirmed that she is stabilized,” the foundation said in a statement.

Chantell Wittstock, director of the Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco, told AFP that the princess had been released from the hospital on Friday morning. She added that doctors are still finding out exactly what happened. The forty-three-year-old princess underwent surgery in August, but only a few details have been released. Former South African Olympic swimmer Charlene married Prince Albert II. in 2011. They have twins together – Prince Jacque and Princess Gabriel.


Rebel with a heart in her hand: Princess Charlene of Monaco! What enchanted a former great lover …

In recent weeks, there has been speculation that the royal couple may be awaiting divorce. Charlene has been in South Africa for several months and media reports indicate that she is looking for a house there. Prince Albert is the son of the late Hollywood star actress Grace Kelly, from whom she marries Prince Raineir III. in 1956, Princess Grace of Monaco became. She died in a car accident in 1982.

What did the last photos with Charlene reveal?

New facts from the July event again lean towards the possibility that Albert and Charlene’s marriage is nearing divorce. The prince had not visited his wife since she was stranded in Africa. He did not look at her even at the time of their anniversary and at a time when her health was not good.

So far, the princess has sent heartbreaking messages from the involuntary asylum and has only been in contact with her children via the Internet. After a long pause, however, Albert finally decided to come and visit Charlene with the twins. The happy mother and wife then published a few photos together on social networks.

These were managed in detail by body language experts. While she smiles happily at them with her children and wanders around, her husband is no longer so honest.

According to, one of the experts said that their joint shots look strange at best and do not look at them like a couple who could not meet for so long.

Incomprehensibly long separation

The divorce of Albert and his wife Charlene began to be speculated about mainly due to the long separation of the family. It was very strange to journalists and experts that the prince did not initiate a trip to Africa at all. The princess got stuck there in March and, according to the latest information, will not return home until October, when she recovers after the operation.

Still, Albert didn’t hurry after her at all, and it didn’t look like a happy-in-love couple between them. Rather, he argues about an agreed break in the relationship or even directly about such an elegant solution to their breakup.

Charlene also fights against poaching in Africa:

The princess in Africa is surprising more and more, she has shown her new face


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