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A documentary from the east of Slovakia is a huge success abroad: a Košice worker worked on it for four years Telkáč.sk – Telkáč.sk


04/09/2021Interesting factsA total of 19 international awards have been won in one year since its inception by the documentary Mokraď, authored by Dušan Davidov from Košice. As he said, this is not a typical festival film, it was made mainly for the average audience. They filmed it for four years.

The main motive is the stories of volunteers who meet every year in Mokrada under Zádielská planina to watch the migration of singers. Birds go ringing at their own expense. “There are procedures that are not used. I used them, not to be interesting, but I kept in mind that it’s a movie about great people and I can’t spoil it. They sacrifice their time and money in Spartan conditions, help the birds and try to find their migratory routes. “ he said that he wanted it to be a family film with a narrative value, which would also include knowledge and, ultimately, an environmental theme.

With this documentary, the creators wanted to show the audience the beauty and diversity of the bird kingdom. “We want to show the most common species of birds that live next to us. We would never say that many of them occur in our country. We will show the kingfisher, the long-tailed miller, the river fisherman, the white-necked flycatcher, the bullfinch, the gleze, the large, medium and small thrush, the great tit and the crested tit, or the woodpecker, “ David added, according to which rare species of birds were also caught.

The documentary Wetland has been awarded at various international film festivals and competitions. He has won awards from the Venice and Florence film festivals in Italy, the USA, but also from countries such as Chile, Japan and India, where, for example, he received the Golden Fox Award at the Calcutta International Film Festival.

Source: TASR

Photo: Youtube / Dušan Davidov

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