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A French reality TV star on the pool table! This photo of her inanimate that shocks Instagram – Public


It’s called an open secret: many reality TV stars are fans of cosmetic surgery! Thus, Nabilla was congratulated on her breast augmentation. On the other hand, faced with the fake news circulating about him, the star of the “Angels of reality TV” had given a violent rant. Exasperated to see the rumors swell, Nabilla had declared: “When I was invented a liposuction. No, I never did. I always had a very flat stomach, I did not need to do liposuction. Sensible people know that. I’m a super thin person (…). I weigh 56 kilos, that’s the weight I’ve been doing all my life. Why do liposuction? You want me to take it off what? A piece of bone? “.

Nabilla is far from the only one to have had cosmetic surgery. More recently, Maeva Ghennam, star of the show “Les Marseillais” on W9, created a new controversy on social networks by revealing to have made “rejuvenated” her vagina. The pretty brunette was filmed this Thursday, September 2, 2021 live from the office of her cosmetic surgeon. “For me it’s super important to have a beautiful vagina, I’m lucky I have a beautiful vagina too, like I don’t have hanging lips but you have to maintain and my doctor is the better for that. Like this I look like I’m twelve! “said Maeva Ghennam. Words that shocked a lot.

Worse yet: Beverly Bello from the “Princes of Love” just posted a photo of her lifeless and half-naked on the pool table. This week she had liposuction and showed it all in great detail. She also wanted to reassure her community. “The operation went very well,” admits the one who was “extremely stressed” at the idea of ​​having the operation. “I’m very happy,” says Beverly Bello, who stayed on the pool table for 4:30. Proud of her new body, she writes in her Instagram story: “Just amazing the result”.


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