NewsWorldA Mexican migrant who fell from the border wall...

A Mexican migrant who fell from the border wall between Arizona and Mexico dies


(CNN) – A migrant died earlier this week after falling from a 30-foot-tall section of the border wall on the Arizona-Mexico border, according to a statement from the United States Border Patrol on Friday.

Border Patrol agents and the Rural Metro Fire Department assisted in the recovery of the man, who is a citizen of Mexico, but had to deal with a locked door and a vehicle not getting through the door before the man could. be transported to the hospital.

On September 1, 2021, a Border Patrol agent was alerted by an undocumented migrant who said a man fell from the border barrier, according to the agency. The agent went to the scene and located a man lying on the ground on the west side of the barrier. The agent then requested emergency medical services.

Rural Metro Fire Department medical personnel responded to the scene but were unable to reach the man because the US Border Patrol gate was locked on the county road, according to the news release. Another agent answered from a nearby station and opened the door.

Once the door was opened, Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents and a Border Patrol emergency medical technician responded to the scene and provided medical assistance to the man.

The fire department vehicle was unable to get through the small border gate, so agents carried the man on a back board for approximately 1.5 km to a place where medical personnel were waiting.

The fire department then took over and the man was transported to a nearby aerial landing zone and then to the Abrazo West Campus Hospital in Goodyear, Arizona.

“The man was operated on for injuries he sustained from the fall and was placed in a recovery room. Approximately eight hours later, medical personnel declared the man deceased while under hospital surveillance by Customs and Border Protection,” says the release.

In July, another mexican died after trying to scale the border fence in Brownsville, Texas.


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