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The mistake is seven years old. Doležal explained the missing connection of motorways –


When completing the D1 / D4 junction, bidders will be motivated to shorten the deadline, the price will not be the only criterion.

3. Sep 2021 at 16:12 SITA

BRATISLAVA. Applicants in the competition for the completion of the D1 / D4 motorway junction near Bratislava will be motivated to shorten the construction period according to the set criteria.

Minister of Transport and Construction Andrej Doležal (nominee We are a family) informed about it on Friday during a live broadcast on the social network, stating that the price will not be the only criterion in the evaluation of offers.

He confirmed his previous information that Procurement The National Motorway Company (NDS) will start at the crossroads together with the extension of the D1 section Bratislava – Triblavina on Friday 3 September.

Missing highway connection

The fact that, after the forthcoming operation of the remaining sections on the D4 motorway within the PPP project, it will not be possible to connect from D1, the Minister of Transport considers a “trouble”, the reasons for which date back to 2014.

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He did not want to comment on the planned completion time of the D1 / D4 junction.

“We will know the date of completion only when we evaluate the bids of the bidders,” said Doležal. In the past, however, he said that construction could take about a thousand days, or about three years. At the same time, he admitted that a possible shortening of the construction period may also be at the expense of the price. He described the recent statement by NDS Director General Juraj Tlapa that the D1 / D4 junction could be completed in as little as five years as too conservative an estimate.

D1 will rise above D4

According to the Minister, after the start of the completion of the D1 / D4 junction within the D1 extension, traffic will be redirected from the D1 to the detour routes in three lanes that need to be prepared. Subsequently, part D1 will rise above D4 and the detour routes will then need to be rebuilt. “It will burden the traffic,” Doležal admitted.

As for the delayed construction of the Triblavina intersection, according to the Minister, it does not solve anything on its own, unless the Bratislava self-governing region provides a connection to the surrounding municipalities.


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